Mario Kart Tour Getting Online Multiplayer This Month

Mario Kart Tour Poster
Credit: Nintendo, Mario Kart Tour

Coming on Sunday 8, March is Multiplayer functionality for Mario Kart Tour on the Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo tweeted that the update will go live at 8 pm Pacific / 11 pm Eastern on Sunday. If you live in the UK, that will be at 3 am and 2 pm in Sydney on Monday, March 9.

There are a couple of different ways to race with other players in the Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer. If you want to play with your friends online or locally, you can set up lobbies, choosing your own rules. Playing in online races, you can choose to play in Standard Races, but only in 100cc races to improve your profile latter grade ranking.

Mario and Bowser in Mario Kart Tour
Credit: Nintendo, Mario Kart Tour

For Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscribers, you can compete in Gold Races, which features competitive races in the 150cc and 200cc categories.

Course selection will work a bit differently too. The online mode will include three courses from a featured cup in the current tour. The featured cup will rotate every 15 minutes, regardless of your chosen rule set.

Mario Kart Tour got a 6.7 on IGN, saying “Nintendo is still struggling with how to make a great mobile game, but Mario Kart Tour’s racing is solid.”