Netflix Comedies To Keep You Upbeat During Lockdown

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Times are tough as most of us have been instructed to stay indoors. Most of us need something to perk us up a bit. But it’s sometimes hard to find something to keep us occupied, especially as Netflix doesn’t make it an easy task to find a feel-good film. Here’s just a few choices we think should cheer you up!

Murder Mystery

If you are a fan of Adam Sandler then you should love this one! Sandler has joined forces again with Jennifer Aniston in this popular comedy, as they play a couple who have lost their spark in their marriage. To spice things up a bit, they decide to take a trip to Europe, where they meet someone who offers to take them aboard a yacht. While this seems like an opportunity of a lifetime, the couple end up being embroiled and framed for the murder of a billionaire. Murder Mystery is full of laughs, as we watch the two try to clear their name. One of Sandler’s best yet!

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Isn’t It Romantic

Something we all wish would happen. Our mediocre life suddenly changes, as you live in your dream world. That’s what happens to Natalie. Played by Rebel Wilson, her life is turned upside down when she gets knocked unconscious and is sent to an alternate universe where her life seems perfect. But that’s until she realises she is living in a real-life romantic comedy. If you enjoy a good rom-com, then this one is definitely for you! 

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Always Be My Maybe

One of the funniest comedies to be released on Netflix in the past year, Always Be My Maybe follows childhood sweethearts who end up falling out over a silly argument. Cut to 15 years later, and the two are reunited to find their lives are completely different. They may lead different careers, but their spark still remains. Will they reconcile? Trust us when we say this film is absolutely hilarious, with Keanu Reeves playing an amazing cameo! One to watch people!

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Game Over, Man!

This film is slightly lowbrow, so if slapstick, crazy comedies are your thing, then this one is perfect! Featuring the cast of Workaholics, including fan favourite Adam Levine, three friends are taken hostage while trying to pitch their game idea. These three unlikely men must step up to save the day. While this film is completely ridiculous, fans of this type of action-comedy may love this. Give it a try if your bored guys!

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The Babysitter

Every child’s nightmare comes to life in this movie, as 12 year old Cole has a huge crush on his babysitter Bee, an extremely attractive and funny girl. But she isn’t who she seems to be, as Cole finds out one night that she is actually a cold-blooded killer. Cole must now try and stop Bee and her band of killers, becoming a neighbourhood hero to stop her in her tracks. This fits into the horror genre as well as comedy, so if you aren’t a fan of violence and gore then stay away from this. If not, then The Babysitter should be perfect. (Yes, we also know the title says upbeat, but some people get their kicks from this!).

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Someone Great

This film is 100% feel good (although you may shed a few tears also). Jenny lands her dream job, needing her to move to San Francisco. Her boyfriend of 9 years doesn’t think it would work long distance and decides to call off their relationship. Jenny is left heartbroken, but her friends are there to save the day and make her feel herself again. Both hilarious and heartfelt, Someone Great is a brilliant film to watch if you have ever been through a break up and how amazing it feels to come out of the other side. It also shows how important friendships are, as they can get you through anything. They do say laughter is the best medicine! 

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Wine Country

Female comedy greats have come together for this Netflix smash. Starring and directed by the hilarious Amy Poehler, Wine Country follows Rebecca and her friends as they celebrate her 50th birthday. The longtime friends decide a trip to Napa would be a perfect place to celebrate, but with nothing much to do other than drink and be merry, it causes some friction between the ladies. With everyone questioning their friendships, will they come out of the other side of it? If you enjoy watching middle-aged women make a fool of themselves for 2 hours, then this movie is bound to cheer you up!

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