Netflix Party – The Feature Everyone Needs While In Isolation!

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The Coronavirus has sent everything into chaos. With people being told to stay at home, many do not know what to do with themselves, with 2 weeks being a long and lonely time for people. Self-isolation means a lack of social interaction for millions of people, something bound to drive people insane. But what many people don’t know is that there is a Netflix feature to ensure everyone doesn’t lose their mind.

Netflix is a great way to pass the time, as the streaming service offers a plethora of content to keep us occupied, especially in the scary time we are living in. What sometimes makes tv shows and movies so good though is the discussion we all have with our colleagues and friends after watching it. With self-isolation preventing this, what can we do to resolve this issue?

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What many of you may not know is that there is an extension that can be downloaded on your desktop where you and your friends can chat about what you are watching on Netflix. If you love to talk about what you are watching on Netflix, then download Netflix Party. Users can share comments in a group chat in realtime, discussing the series or film you are watching.

The lack of company we are suffering from could make us a bit stir crazy, but Netflix Party hopes to ensure that people are still communicating. Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension which is downloadable in just a few clicks. NP enables people to watch programs simultaneously, meaning we can all talk about the latest and trendiest Netflix content without missing out!

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Netflix Party has existed for some time now, but everyone is now heading back onto it with the recent global crisis occurring. As people are confined to their homes, Netflix Party works by sharing a link to your friends who would like to watch the same episode as you.

By clicking the link, as many people as you send the link to can join the watching party as you all comment on your chosen show. All anyone needs is the Netlfix Party button themselves. We know it’s only a small feature, but it’s something fun for many people to enjoy while times are a bit tougher. Search Netflix Party on Google and let the fun begin!

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