The Best Office Episodes According To IMDb!

Credit: NBC

Our favorite comedy still has such an impact on us, with some of the best episodes of any series ever! Here are the best episodes according to IMDb!

Season 2 – Casino Night

IMDb Score: 9.4

The first episode from the series to make the cut from Season 2. The staff of Dunder Mifflin head to a casino party, where of course things never go to plan. Even from the clip below, planning which charity is a nightmare! Michael juggles two dates while Jim has to decide what his future holds (and we finally get to see Jim and Pam kiss!).

Season 3 – The Job

IMDb Score: 9.4

After the events of their day at the beach, Michael chooses Dwight as regional manager as he expects he will get the job at corporate (with Jim and Karen also interviewing for the role). Michael also decides to get back with Jan after she gets a boob job. The Job also features everyone’s favorite romantic scene with Jim asking Pam out! Absolutely amazing!

Season 4 – Dinner Party

IMDb Score: 9.4

Possibly one of the craziest episodes of the entire series, Dinner Party follows Michael as he invites Pam, Jim, Angela, and Andy to his house for a couples-only dinner. Dwight also turns up after feeling very jealous, but he, along with everyone else, instantly regrets turning up. After waiting hours to be fed, the party abrupts into chaos, with Michael and Jan ending up in a screaming match. Both uncomfortable and hilarious to watch.

Season 4 – Goodbye, Toby

IMDb Score: 9.3

Fans of the show will know the deep hatred that Michael has for Toby, so an over the top party seems like the perfect idea to send him off to Costa-Rica. Holly is introduced, and Michael falls in love with her immediately. And speaking of love, Jim puts money into Toby’s going-away party for fireworks as he has plans to propose to Pam, but it seems Andy has the same idea. Is anyone else glad Toby comes back though?!

Season 5 – Stress Relief

IMDb Score: 9.7

Probably the most memorable episode of any show of all time, it seems imprinted in everyone’s mind. The episode starts with Dwight’s fake fire drill, which leads to Stanley having a heart attack. The American Red Cross is brought in to teach CPR, but we all know by now how terribly wrong this goes. Michael also learns that he is the cause of Stanley’s stress which leads to the office roasting Michael. This two-parter really has you laughing from start to finish.

Season 6 – Niagara

IMDb Score: 9.4

Niagara starts with one of our favorite cold opens with the whole office throwing up, so we knew this would be one of the best episodes ever! Dunder Mifflin travels to Niagara Falls to celebrate Pam and Jim’s wedding. Not only does the couple have to deal with their pregnancy possibly leaking out, but Pam then has to deal with Andy’s injury, throwing everything into chaos. And not forgetting the wedding dance. Brilliant tv.

Season 7 – Threat Level Midnight

IMDb Score: 9.4

A movie worthy ofo so many Golden Globes and Oscars, Threat Level Midnight had to make the list. Michael finally finishes his film after years in the making, screening it to the rest of the office who play a part. He, of course, wants to impress Holly, but she isn’t thrilled to watch the finished product. We can’t help but cry laughing when Michael Scarn repeats his catchphrase ‘clean up on aisle 5’ when is usually makes no sense at all.

Season 7 – Garage Sale

IMDb Score: 9.3 

The beginning of the end for Michael, as he wants to propose to Holly. But with her father taking sick in Colorado, Holly may have to leave in order to look after him, changing Michael’s plans. And this all happens on the day of the Dunder Mifflin garage sale (magic beans anyone?)

Season 7 – Goodbye, Michael

IMDb Score: 9.8

Possibly the most heartbreaking episode (and where many believe The Office should have ended), Michael leaves after seven amazing seasons. Michael doesn’t let everyone know that he’s actually leaving a day earlier, leading to the sweetest moment of the whole series as Pam catches him at the airport. Deangelo Vickers really comes into play in this episode – should he have become the permanent regional manager of the Scranton branch?

Season 9 – A.A.R.M

IMDb Score: 9.5

One of the last pranks we get to witness, Jim convinces Dwight that he needs to hire an assistant for his assistant, with only Dwight being suitable for the role. Darryl attempts to leave Dunder Mifflin without anyone noticing and Dwight plans to propose – but who should he choose? We have to admit, the dance scene where we say goodbye to Darryl is used as a reference for when we are out partying!

Season 9 – Finale

IMDb Score: 9.8

The last episode ever, the finale closes the chapter we all didn’t want to end. One year later, the employees of Dunder Mifflin join together for a panel discussion on the same weekend of Dwight and Angela’s wedding. We get to see where all the characters are, with Kevin’s new bar and Creed’s different identity. We also see Michael return for an emotional comeback, making us wish The Office continued forever with all the originals. Nothing will ever compare to the sitcom. We love you still.

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