The Office Has A Murder Mystery Game?!

A game about The Office
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Office fans will know how much our favorite boss, Michael Scott, hates the head of HR Toby Flenderson. Throughout the series, Toby loved to discuss the Scranton Strangler. But it seems the tables have turned (or is it how the turntables). The Office edition of Clue gives fans the opportunity to investigate the death of Toby, as players will find out how Toby has been murdered. We need it right now – check it out here!

Three to six players will find Toby’s killer, investigating which murder weapon was used and where it took place. Players will be assigned a character from The Office. Jim Halbert, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beesly, Angela Martin, Stanley Hudson, and Andy Bernard will have to put their thinking caps on to find out how Toby died – much to Michael’s dismay!

A man looking slightly confused in the office
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The Office clue game includes all the easter eggs we love about the sitcom. Locations on the board include the warehouse and the conference room. The weapons that may or may not have killed Toby include the George Foreman grill and Michael’s infamous ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug. The winner of the game gets a week paid vacation. If the murder is unsolved then Michael leaves and goes home – reminiscent of Season 7 everyone.

We’re so excited that we can now play a murder mystery game solely based on The Office. The mockumentary is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary this year, so we think this game is perfect to get all the gang around and find out who killed Toby. The game is available over on Amazon so have a look, guys! We are ordering one right away!

The Office Clue game
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