The Saddest Office Moments Ever

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Credit: NBC

Although The Office remains one of the most hilarious sitcoms on the planet, the series isn’t short of moving moments. Here are just a few that break us!

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Goodbye, Michael

If you don’t ugly cry at this then you possibly don’t have a heart. For us, this could be the saddest moment of the whole entire series. If Michael leaving wasn’t sad enough, his departure from the show was heartbreaking. Although his storyline had a magnificent ending, the episode is filled with such emotion. From the farewell song sang by the whole office, to Jim telling him he is the best boss he ever had. This episode leaves us with wet eyes. Also not forgetting the airport scene with Michael and Pam. We think that what makes that scene even more emotional is the idea that we fill in the blanks. With the microphones turned off, we have no clue what they both say to each other, but in our minds, their discussion is so sweet and warm.

Pam’s Art Show

Pam and Michael’s friendship could possibly be our favorite from the series. This scene truly captures how special it really is. No-one turns up to Pam’s art show, making her feel extremely low, but Michael seems to save the day showing up at the last minute. As Michael compliments Pam’s work, you can see her light up, but the moment he wants to purchase her office building artwork really does make us ball out eyes out. Pam realizes that Michael isn’t always a goon and does actually care, as Pam embraces Michael. The Office somehow manages, in a short period of time, to impact how we feel.

Michael’s Proposal

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Michael never seemed to catch a break when it comes to his love life. And many of us probably thought that the show would end how it started – with Michael trying to be a ‘womanizer’. But we wouldn’t be more happier when Michael decided to turn his whole life around and propose to Holly, even relocating to have a fresh start. When we watch this scene, we aren’t sure whether we are shedding happy tears are not. Cause this signifies the end of Michael Scott’s journey. And the way he proposes – it’s a woman’s dream to be proposed to with hundreds of candles surrounding them. The office getting soaked resembles our faces at the end of this episode.

Jim comforts Dwight

Throughout the nine seasons of The Office, it’s very rare to find a nice moment between Jim and Dwight in between the hilarious pranks. This is the first time we see their frenemy status put on hold as Jim comforts Dwight over their heartbreak. What makes this scene even more upsetting his Dwight attempting to control his emotions as he refuses to turn around. Although we do enjoy the moments where Dwight and Jim clash, this one sticks with us the most.

Erin sees Michael as a Father Figure

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Erin’s story in The Office is a sad one. As she lived in foster homes all her life, Erin struggled to find a suitable figure for her to look up to. She thinks she has found in with Michael, as she tries to make him like Gabe. What makes this moment so sad is the moment Michael realizes that Erin wants his approval because she looks up to him, creating an extremely sweet moment that made us all shed a tear or two. We are just so glad that the series ended with Erin finally finding her family and living a life she always dreamed. Although this did also make us weep, we have to admit they were happy tears.

Jim and Pam’s Love Story

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Yes, we are feeling incredibly soppy when writing this, but we would be stupid not to include our favorite couple from the show. In nearly every season there is at least one scene that has us hankering for tissues. Their love story is unmatched by any couple from any other series ever. Several moments come to mind when we think of this wonderful couple – Jim confessing his love for pam at the Casino Night, Jim asking Pam out on their first date, Jim cutting his wedding tie and finding out they are pregnant. And these were the good parts. Season 9 had us crying for different reasons – we really thought these two might not solve their issues. But The Office wouldn’t have been the same, with the final two episodes restoring hope (and happy tears), with Jim and the help of the crew documenting their cutest moments. We still just want to know what’s in that letter.

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