The Tell-All Book Exposing The Office Secrets

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A new book has been released this week talking about all things The Office, with some very interesting stories surfacing. To mark the 15th anniversary of the mockumentary, Andy Greene spoke to a number of people, both on the show and behind the scenes, to create a book telling the untold story of the NBC show. Huge fans of the sitcom may know certain facts, but many have been shocked by what has been exposed! Find the book here.

The major news that many of you will have already been surprised by is that Steve Carell did not actually choose to leave the show in Season 7. We all thought that due to his stardom, he left to focus on hit movies. But in fact, this was not the case and instead, he was shown the door by executives. For all the details on why the great Michael Scott was no longer after 2011, then have a read of this.

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What’s included in the book?

The book, titled ‘The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s: An Oral History’ includes tons of quotes from producers to the cast. Not only do they talk about how special it was to be part of the show, but also let us into secrets that have never been told before. For example, Steve Carell was known as the man with all the failed pilots. This meant he nearly missed out on playing the part of Michael Scott!

Greene gives us a true insight into the show. The book includes exclusive interviews and research that have never been published before. Die-hard fans will definitely enjoy the scoop on beloved episodes, including Threat Level Midnight and Goodbye, Michael. Although The Office is described as ‘genre-redefining’, what we see on screen was not reflected by what was going on behind the scenes. There wasn’t just a battle to keep it on screen. NBC themselves were also ready to pull the plug!

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What juicy gossip is exposed?!

There’s so much to learn from this book about the show. Did you know Brian Baumgartner who plays Kevin actually auditioned for the role of Stanley? When Carell left in Season 7, the network failed to bring in people to fill his role. Will Ferrell filled in for only a number of episodes, supposedly as a favor to real-life friend Carell. James Spader eventually played the boss for a while. But did you know that James Gandolfini was the new boss they wanted? There’s so much we are learning!

Another interesting fact the book brings to light is that there was a conflict of interest when Angela Kinsey auditioned for the role. Kinsey was actually married to the brother in law of the developer of the show Greg Daniels. When she auditioned, Daniels actually objected to Kinsey playing the role in an attempt to play reverse psychology! This book is really telling us some office gossip!

With The Office leaving Netflix in 2021, this book is amazing to fill the gap that is about to happen in our lives. There is so much more in the book that fans need to read to have a true reflection. This book includes flaws and all regarding the show. Although we really aren’t happy with some of our findings. I mean can you imagine the show with Michael Scott there the entire time? The Untold Story is perfect to find out all the details about The Office. Be warned – you may be left flabbergasted at numerous points!

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