There’s A Stranger Things Monopoly?!

A game of Monopoly with Stranger Things characters
Credit: Amazon

If one of our favorite classic games wasn’t already amazing enough, there is now a Stranger Things edition! It’s the best news since the Season 4 teaser trailer was released! The game, inspired by the Netflix Original series, has a twist with all our favorite characters and it looks so good! Check it out here!

2 to 8 players can either choose an 80s-inspired token or and Upside Down token. Players will have to move around the board to find Will Byers. Christ that boy can’t catch a break, can he?! There are plenty of nods to the popular Netflix series. The game includes Walkie-Talkie and Blinking Lights cards to replace Community and Chance cards. Instead of properties, Stranger Things Monopoly, of course, brings us different landmarks from the show. This includes Will’s basement and Hawkins High School!

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Credit: Netflix

Players will pretend to search around Hawkins as they buy, sell and trade locations and vehicles referenced from the show. Instead of Mayfair and Pall Mall, we instead see Forts and Hideouts – this game really has the details down! Players must not forget that the aim of the games isn’t just to find missing Will Byers. Like in the tv show, players must also avoid getting trapped in the Upside Down.

Fans of the show will be waiting in anticipation for Season 4 of the show. This game is perfect to fill the void of waiting what could be another year until the next (and probably the final) season of the show arrives. With the recent news of Hopper returning after we all thought he had passed away has arrived, we couldn’t be more excited. We aren’t sure what S4 will bring, but we are devastated to see Stranger Things soon ending. At least this game should hopefully forever exist for us to enjoy in the future!

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