There’s An Unknown Office Crossover With Friends?!

The cast of the office and friends
Credit: NBC

The respective shows may have both ended for quite some time now, but fans are still noticing things that leave us shellshocked. And this one has us truly stunned. There is a crossover in both The Office and Friends and we are wondering how we never noticed it before?!

Remember in Friends when Monica surprises Chandler with a stripper only for her to end up being a hooker? Well did anyone notice that that same stripper appears in The Office as – you guessed it – a god damn stripper!

A woman wearing a red dress
Credit: NBC

The same stripper that Monica hires without knowing she is a prostitute is actually the same person as the adult performer in The Office when Michael thinks its a smart idea to bring in strippers for Phyllis’ wedding shower. If you need reminding, it’s the same episode that Ben Franklin appears in!

Jackie Debatin, the lady who plays the most famous sitcom stripper ever, also appears in The Office finale, as she returns for old times sake for Dwight’s bachelor party. According to IMDb, Debatin also appears as a stripper in The 70s Show. But for obvious reasons, this could not be another crossover!

Don’t forget that The Office now has a kid’s book!

This isn’t the only the crossover The Office has been part of. Fans of the mockumentary have spotted a number of easter eggs that suggest that The Office and Parks and Rec live in the same universe. Many have pointed out that Mose appears in Parks and Rec. But Michael Schur does create both series, so this one we will let slide.

The easter egg we find particularly interesting is the same dog that appears in both shows. Andy Bernard adopts a dog in The Office. And that same dog was actually adopted by April and Andy! The exact same pitbull that guest appeared on The Office is the exact doggy that played Champion in Parks and Recreation. We can’t handle all these crossovers.

Lots of people surrounded by dogs
Credit: NBC

For a few years, there has been a debate whether about which show is better – The Office or Friends? But with this crossover, it looks like we no longer need to decide. With both of them in the same universe, fans of both shows can live in harmony – hurray!

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