This Is What Would Happen If The Office Tackled Coronavirus

Dwight in his hazmat suit
Credit: NBC, The Office

Every few months fans are teased with a reunion of The Office, despite being off the air since 2013. And despite multiple actors from the show saying they would love but it would be a bad idea, that doesn’t stop fans from imagining their favorite Dunder Milfflin employees tacking present day issues.

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Fans on Twitter have been discussing the possibility of how each employee would take on the outbreak of Coronavirus. How would our favorite fictional people from Scranton, Pennsylvania be coping?

One Twitter user describes an accurate “The Office: Coronavirus” in a thread that already has over 470,000 likes. @the_real_bnell describes what we all imagine would happen in today’s situation including Dwight acting “completely normal & claims genetic immunity”.

The most hilarious one is Kevin saying “that he’s had it for weeks & feels fine”, which is so accurate! I can already see this being filmed in the show.

Finishing up, Daniel Burnell, who wrote the tweets, says “The episode ends with Michael shopping alone at Costco on a Saturday. He’s excited because he usually ‘can’t even get in the door'”

As mentioned by @the_real_bnell, you can go to r/DunderMifflin to see others views on how the episode will pan out. On Reddit user saying, “Michael ignores the “work from home” memo because he thinks that everyone should be together at a time like this”.

I think we can all agree that in a time like this, The Office would be complete chaos and this time it doesn’t need Dwight to stage a “fake fire”. Hopefully Oscar doesn’t fall through the ceiling again either.