Tony Hawk 2020 May Have Just Been Leaked

Cover of Skate game
Credit: EA, Skate 3

Recently, video game leaker Sabi reported that a remaster of the popular 90’s games Tony Hawk 1 & 2 have been circulating around Activision. Although this was good news for most, the realisation that Tony Hawk and Activision split up in 2018, so this news is questionable at best.

Now, another leak appears as a band posted on Facebook, that they have worked and finalised new songs for the new game in the Tony Hawk series.

The Death Set seems to have accidentally revealed that they licensed five new songs for a “Tony Hawk 2020 game”. Growing up in the Gold Coast, Australia The Death Set have been playing together since 2005 and have made multiple albums with their most recent one back in 2011. If you want to listen to The Death Set, click this link to their Spotify.

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This is the latest in a bunch of potential leaks about a new Tony Hawk game. As a lover of the originals I for one hope this next Tony Hawk has a banging playlist. Who could forget this absolute tune!

If you’re hankering for a new skateboarding game, then Easy Day Studios have recently brought their Skate XL to early access. If you’re a fan of the Skate games from EA, then Skate XL is very reminiscent of those classics. You can buy early access to Skate XL for £15.49 / $20.01.