Video: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Bloopers

Brooklyn nine nine bloopers
Credit NBC

Whether you are binge watching your way through the latest season or waiting for it to drop on Netflix, we think you will enjoy these Brooklyn Nine-Nine bloopers!

Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Our personal favourite is probably Andre Braugher (Raymond Holt) imitating police car sounds with his mouth.

The bloopers are from the first season which appears to be the first and only gag reel that the show has put together. With a show as beautifully chaotic as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you would have thought there would be PLENTY more blooper content.

Andy Samberg can clearly be seen acting… well like Andy Samberg on set which causes a lot of the cast to crack up. And to think, he almost turned the show down!

Jake Peralta, left. Charles Boyle, Right holding up a beer to a male off to the right
Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

That’s right, Andy Samberg who plays Detective Jake Peralta, told Screen Rant that he was prepared to turn down Brooklyn Nine-Nine as he was ready to do more movies and have a more relaxed schedule. Thankfully for Brookly Nine-Nine and the fans that now love it, he decided to accept the role because of what series creators Michael Shur and Dan Goor did on Parks and Recreation. You can check out the rest of that store here.

There’s no word on whether we will actually see any more of these Brooklyn Nine-Nine bloopers. But it did take them almost 7 years to upload this one! so don’t get your hopes up.

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