Video: Every Time Jake Says ‘Cool’ In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake Peralta Cool
Credit NBC

It’s become the most quotable line from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and someone has even gone to the effort of compiling every time the word ‘Cool’ has been said since the show started in 2013.

The YouTube user Lusinner painstakingly edited the video together. You can check out the video below! (Spoiler alert: ‘Cool’ is said a lot).

Credit to NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine for all footage

The video was uploaded back in July 2018 so unfortunately it is missing a few instances from season 6 and 7… but you get the gist. We’ve now heard it so many times that it no longer sounds like a word.

The show has clearly grown from strength to strength with each season, and it doesn’t look like it will be ending any time soon! It is now confirmed to have at least 8 seasons. You can check out our coverage on that announcement here.

Melissa Fumero Anounces Birth Of Second Child
Credit @melissfumero NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It was also recently confirmed that Melissa Fumero has given birth to her second son with husband David Fumero on Valentine’s Day.

Check out the new podcast hosted by Marc Evan Jonson who plays Kevin.

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