Video: The Office Exclusive Deleted Scenes

The cast of The Office standing near reception
Credit: NBC, The Office

It’s been 7 years since the legendary mockumentary sitcom left our screens. However we have now been graced with more exclusive deleted scenes from The Office.

Credit NBC The Office

The unseen footage has a classic Jim prank on Dwight which SOMEHOW didn’t make the cut. It says a lot about just how good the show was when scenes like these had to be left out. Another scene shows more of Dwight and Angela’s ‘fling’ which arguably we didn’t see enough of!

The Office Children Books
Credit: Little, Brown Books

Like many old comedies, there has to be a point where The Office is forgotten about. However, they have now released a children’s book based on the characters and happenings in the show! So now you can give your future offspring the bed time reading they deserve! Check it out here!

Many of its fans have re-watched the series multiple times but did you know you could be getting paid whilst you are doing it?! You can find out how here.

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