Warning To Anyone Watching ‘All The Bright Places’…

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Credit: Netflix

All The Bright Places hit Netflix this weekend, with so many people already falling in love with the movie. But people who have viewed it have warned others to be careful.

Subscribers are warning people who haven’t seen it yet to be safe, with many calling out Netflix for not including a trigger warning. All The Bright Places follows two teenagers, played by Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, who form a bond due to the mutual trauma and struggles they have both faced in the past. The film based on Jennifer Niven’s bestselling novel tackles mental illness and the effects of the scars we all carry with us, both physical and emotional. But this comes with a lot of heartbreaking moments, something the streaming service has not warned viewers about.

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Viewers have already taken to Twitter to ensure other people know that this isn’t your usual rom-com. There are concerns that the film may trigger people, something Netflix has had issues with in the past. All The Bright Places discusses topics around mental health and this can trigger something in people. The trailer suggests a romantic love story, but this is not that. Many may find it hard to watch, with subscribers reaching out to Netflix to alert future viewers that sensitive topics are included.

This has been a controversial discussion surrounding Netflix, as they have previously caused debate regarding their lack of warnings on content that could trigger viewers. 13 Reason Why, released in 2017, included a teenage suicide, with very graphic and upsetting scenes. The series touched on sensitive subjects, but Netflix didn’t warn viewers of this. Mental health organizations criticized the service for not cutting the scene, with many schools warning parents about the drama series.

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ATBP worked with mental health professionals during production, but viewers should still be cautious when watching the movie. The film does have so many wonderful moments, be viewers should be informed that the end result is extremely heartbreaking. If you’d love to read the book, check it out here.

If you are affected by All The Bright Places, they have released a video discussing the issues that can be triggering. Watch the video to see discussions about mental health and what the film focuses on.

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