Why Netflix May No Longer Be Available In HD

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The craziness that has been happening in recent weeks doesn’t look set to end. More and more people are now being told to lock themselves indoors. And we can’t even try and enjoy that. Netflix is being told to stop showing content in high definition to prevent the internet from breaking. When will it end?

The EU has urged Netflix, along with other streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Disney+, Now TV, Hulu, etc to stop using high-definition. The internet will not be able to cope with the high volume of people who will head to these platforms for entertainment, with millions forced into self-isolation.

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Could we be stopped viewing in HD?

There are huge concerns the strain will be too much. The European market alone holds over 740 million people, so the impact it could have worldwide would be insane. There are now calls for people to #SwitchtoStandard. The trending hashtag is asking users to stop using HD as it is unnecessary and could have a knock-on effect in the future.

Asking people this during a pandemic isn’t asking for much, but thankfully Netflix is taking action. Although many may become extremely infuriated, Netflix has responded that they will be adjusting the quality of streams depending on a network’s capacity. Netflix will be focusing on efficiency to ensure everyone is provided with the service without breaking the internet.

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The online world could be in some trouble…

Netflix aren’t the only issue, as Facebook and WhatsApp have seen levels double due to the recent coronavirus outbreak. It makes sense that everyone is heading online during this time, with nothing else to do. But it seems streaming services have made a sensible decision during this critical time. This ensures everyone can still access the internet while also enjoying a movie or series.

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