The WORST Rated Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode

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It’s quite hard to believe that fans disagree with a B99 episode. But some people were left less than impressed at a Season 6 episode. Specifically, Episode 8 named ‘He Said, She Said’, the cop comedy focuses on workplace sexual assault. B99 lovers will know that the show will always attempt to take a light-hearted angle on controversial and sometimes upsetting topics. Although many believed the episode dealt with the subject appropriately, others couldn’t disagree anymore. 

User ratings on IMDb highlight that the episode has been rated the lowest in comparison to any other episode of the whole series. He Said, She Said scored 7.2, with some episodes hitting 9.5. B99 has dealt with issues including sexism, racism, and homophobia. Yet it seems that the sexual assault storyline wasn’t implemented the way some fans would have liked. 

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He Said, She Said

Directed by Stephanie Beatriz, the episode follows Amy and Jake as they take on a case where a woman feels her career may be destroyed if she complains about a sexual assault. Amy believes the woman deserves justice, but this could be a more difficult task than what it seems. With no physical evidence, and the accused male described by his peers as a stand-up guy, it doesn’t look like justice will be served. Jake worries that Amy is working herself to a stressful level. This leads to Amy revealing that she has previously dealt with a similar situation herself. 

Many people do believe that the episode is one of the best yet because it deals with sexual assault realistically. Even Rosa’s reaction when she finds out the accuser doesn’t take money in exchange for silence represents something that happens daily in the workplace. Many fans felt that the episode was forced. Certain people believed it didn’t epitomize what truly happens in this type of situation.

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What can we take from the episode?

Handling a topic such as sexual harassment was likely to cause controversy. But Brooklyn Nine-Nine may not have expected such a low score for something many people are familiar with. Although it wasn’t executed the way that some fans wanted, we still need to remember that the message is still extremely important. The episode will have caused a lot of conversations that need to happen. Many women have come forward to express their gratefulness that a comedy dealt with an issue that can be brushed under the rug. Reflecting on the episode, it accurately depicts that many people deal with this problem in different ways. Just like the varying opinions of how the episode dealt with sexual harassment. By B99 bringing this subject to mainstream media, people are more like to discuss it. In many people’s eyes, this can only be a positive thing.