You Can Be Paid To Watch The Office?!

A man and four women all looking in different directions
Credit: NBC

Most of us usually like to binge our favorite sitcom, with most Office fans rewatching the series a minimum of three times. But now you can get paid for the pleasure of rewatching the best nine seasons in tv history! We know, it sounds too good to be true, but this is a real thing – nobody panic!

The Office is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary since it hit our screens, so to celebrate, Dish if offering an amazing opportunity. If you are a massive office fan then you could earn $1,000 for watching 15 hours of the show. Is this what dreams are made of?!

What will I have to do?

Whoever is selected for the best 15 hours spent on the planet will have 9 days to watch roughly around 45 episodes. The person chosen for this role will closely watch the Office content, completing a checklist throughout. Dish explains how it works, as the lucky person will look out for things like how many times Stanley rolls his eyes at the camera? Or how many times Phyllis mentions Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration?

Not only will the job involve spotting popular tropes that appear in sitcoms, but Dish also wants your unfiltered opinion surrounding the office. They use examples of whether you think Meredith is too predictable or should Toby have had more lines? Then want to know what you think – and we know there are so many people that are dying to share their point of view!

Michael looking at himself on tv
Credit: NBC

It’s not just $1000 you will receive!

And if the $1000 to binge-watch the office isn’t enough for you (we doubt it but hey-ho), then you will also get a ‘winners kit’. This includes office merchandise such as a Dundie and a ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug! This will also include a Netflix gift card. This is great to use just before The Office is dragged away from us in 2021!

If this sounds perfect to you, then you can apply here! March 16th is the last date you can apply. All you need to be to complete the online application is over 18 and a U.S citizen. You can also post a video submission to boost your chances, so get filming yourself, people. We can imagine a fabulous Michael Scott impression will boost your chances!

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