13 Creative Animal Crossing Designs to Transform Your Island

13 Animal Crossing Designs to Transform Your Island

Despite it only being out for a month, Animal Crossing: New Horizon players have already come up with dozens of creative island designs. Unlike previous Animal Crossing games, New Horizons allows players to completely transform their islands’ landscape by extending existing land, building and destroying cliffs, or creating breathtaking waterfalls. 

Additionally, players can now connect separate parts of their island by building bridges in different styles and sizes. Perhaps the most exciting new feature is that all furniture can now be placed outdoors giving players complete aesthetic control over their islands. 

However, not all new features are available from the start of the game. The Island Designer app that allows players to create paths, rivers, waterfalls, and cliffs can only be installed after you fulfill Tom Nook’s dream to have KK Slider play a concert on your island. To do this, you need to attract KK’s attention by raising your island’s rating to at least 3 stars. 

With these new features, there are plenty of ways to personalize your island. Here are thirteen creative Animal Crossing design ideas to help you build the island of your dreams.

1. Build an Outdoor Museum

2. Utilize Paths to Transform Your Downtown Neighborhood

3. Create a Stunning Glow-in-the-dark Mushroom Garden

4. Turn Your Deserted Island into a Bustling City

5. Or Leave It Deserted, Literally

6. Seek Inspiration in Your Favorite Games

7. Hit the Trails in this New National Park

8. Turn Your Island into a Forest Wonderland

9. Or Get Inspired by Tiger Blossoms

10. Craft a Beautiful Beachside Home

11. Build a Crazy Golf Course

12. Create an Archeological Site to Dig for Fossils

13. Or Take Your Date to this Stunning Stargazing Spot

With Animal Crossing’s various new tools, the possibilities to transform your island are nearly endless. Have fun creating your stunning new home and don’t forget to buy your turnips every Sunday morning.