If You Love Jake Peralta Then You Should Watch These…

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Jake Peralta is one of our favorite characters ever. Every season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine just gets better and better. But as everyone knows, seasons are getting shorter, meaning we don’t see as much of Andy Samberg as we wish we did. So here’s just a number of films we suggest watching if you need your fix of Peralta!

If you want to see the very best of Jake Peralta, check this out!

What’s Your Number

He may only star in this rom-com for a few minutes, but he is so hilarious we had to include it! What’s Your Number follows Ally as she decides she no longer wants meaningless relationships, as she attempts to give her failed loves another chance. Played by Anna Faris, there are tons of funny moments, but Andy Samberg’s part is seriously funny! If you love Samberg’s geeky character roles, this one is definitely for you! Just make sure you have something to bite down on because his part in the movie is incredibly cringeworthy!


One of the best-animated films to exist, and we think it could purely be because of the amazing Andy Samberg. Instead of delivering babies, Storks now have to deliver packages. Junior, voiced by Samberg, is desperate to deliver a baby girl, but of course, it isn’t a simple as it seems. This one is for anyone of all ages, with Samberg’s comedy coming through even in an animated movie. And if you are wanting a film to enjoy with all the family, he also voices characters in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Hotel Transylvania. So there’s plenty of choices – we love him even if we can’t see his face!

Hot Rod 

Most probably the film where everyone began to recognize the amazing work of Samberg, Hot Rod shot the actor into fame and we understand why. Rod believes he is a stunt man, so with the help of the people around him, he sets himself the challenge to jump a school bus and set the record on his moped! His assembled crew has to raise money, build the ramp and set the world record, a difficult task for everyone, including Rod who could be described as a man-child. Hot Rod has kind of become a cult classic in many people’s eyes, with Samberg fans enjoying this one.

Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping

Lonely Island fans will be obsessed with this. Old Andy Samberg is back in this movie, showing us the absolute loopy side of him that we rarely get to see in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. conner4real is a pop and rap superstar, but his new album fails and his celebrity life doesn’t exist anymore. With no intention of giving up, he tries his best to come back bigger than ever, even if it means reuniting with his old group The Style Boyz. A parody film that is actually super funny, with tons of familiar faces throughout including Seal. Even the lyrics of the songs are amazing! Give it a go!

That’s My Boy

If you love a crazy comedy featuring Adam Sandler, then this one will be right up your street. Sandler plays Donny, a reckless father who raised his son Todd (Samberg) in his teenage years. The father and son spend years apart, only for Donny to turn up to Todd’s wedding. Can they reconcile their relationship or are they just too different now? Seeing these two in action is brilliant, as Sandler and Samberg make for a perfect comedy pairing.