Lockdown Increases Netflix Users By 16 Million

A laptop showing netflix
Credit: Netflix

We knew that quarantine meant many of us would take to streaming services to entertain us. But we did not expect numbers to increase this much! As the world is told to stay indoors and stop the spread of the virus, people have started to watch new content on Netflix. This surge has led to 16 million people creating an account. That’s double the sign-ups the company was seeing at the end of 2019!

Not only is this number astounding because we naively thought most people used the service anyway, but the recent competition was also predicted to have massively affected the platform. Disney + is just one of a number of new streaming services that the world can’t get enough of. But the numbers have spoken and it seems Netflix still trumps the rest!

The disney plus logo
Credit: Disney Plus

We just can’t get enough of Netflix!

This may be amazing news for Netflix, but with the uncertainty of the effects of the pandemic ending, filming has been completely halted. Of course, the shows and movies we are enjoying now have been prerecorded way back when. But soon the streaming service will run out of content to release. Currently, Netflix is worth more than Disney, but reports of declining currencies mean the company will slowly become less valuable.

Not all hope is lost though. More and more people seem to be enjoying Netflix’s content. The platform has recently released it’s most popular original shows and movies. Millions of us couldn’t get enough of Tiger King, the docuseries that has you shook from start to finish. Spenser Confidential, a Netflix original action movie has also had over 85 million views in just over a month – amazing!

Two men in a van driving
Credit: Netflix

Netflix needn’t worry, with investors plowing more money into the company. The data doesn’t lie, with millions of joining the service and enjoying the mass amount of content on offer. As we all stay indoors, we are grateful for the entertainment to hand.