Netflix Originals Coming In May

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Credit: Netflix

Netflix has been our saving grace over the past few months. With tons of series and films keeping us entertained, we’ve had so much choice while stuck at home bored. But many of us have nearly completed the streaming service, meaning we’re desperate for more content. Thankfully, some amazing original films and series are dropping in May. Here’s just some that are heading to the service…

Hollywood – May 1st

Netflix describes this as emotional, so if we weren’t crying enough during the pandemic, we will be now! Hollywood focuses on the showbiz world, as aspiring actors and filmmakers attempt to make their dreams come true, doing anything to reach their goals. Created by Ryan Murphy (known for Glee and American Horror Story), Hollywood looks to bring us tons of drama. The series also has a stellar cast, including Darren Criss, Patti LuPone, and Jim Parsons.

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The Half Of It – May 1st

The heartfelt teen movie many of us need during lockdown. The Half Of It follows a shy girl who decides to help a school jock out with love. Ellie joins forces with the jock to write a love letter, becoming friends as they spend time together. What they don’t expect is for both of them to have the same crush. This LGBTQ film focuses on the difficulty of having these feelings at such a young age. We applaud Netflix for bringing this to us!

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Dead To Me – May 8th

The series everyone was obsessed with last year finally has a second season coming our way. The show with so many twists you can’t keep up, Dead To Me follows the friendship of Judy and Jen, with one of them keeping a very big secret. The rollercoaster of a season left us on quite a huge cliffhanger, meaning we should see tons of nail-biting moments in the second season. If you haven’t seen the first season, you should most definitely catch up. The dark comedy has you hooked from the get-go!

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Space Force – May 29th

The new series that everyone has been talking about, with tons of our favorite comedy actors, including Steve Carell, Lisa Kudrow, and John Malkovich. Created by Greg Daniels, the man behind The Office, Space Force follows a team of people tasked with creating a new branch of the U.S military’. The new series has already had everyone talking, especially as it reunites Carell with Daniels. The Office still has a cult following, which means Space Force could be the show to fill the void we all need. A good comedy has been a long time coming!

If you are super excited for Space Force like us, then you should check out our Facebook Group dedicated to the show!

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Have a Good Trip – 11th May

The documentary we never knew we needed, but now we can not wait! The documentary features a whole heap of famous faces, including Sting, ASAP Rocky, and Nick Offerman, which explores hallucinogenic effects, both high and low. Celebrities share their stories on ‘tripping’, even reenacting and using animations to tell the story. With many of our spirits low during this time, this kind of documentary is what we all definitely need!

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There’s tons more content coming as well. Season 4 of Working Moms is dropping, with the third season of Medici coming our way also in May. Lovebirds will also be hitting the streaming service, the rom-com everyone has been talking about. We are also not forgetting the much anticipated Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend, an interactive special that we seriously can’t wait for, coming on the 12th of May.

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