Some Of The Best Tiger King Memes!

Two people and a tiger looking in different directions
Credit: Netflix

The documentary series everyone can’t stop talking about. Netflix has somehow managed to make lockdown a little bit more entertaining with this one. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness could be one of the craziest things we’ve watched. Netflix describes the docuseries as:

‘A zoo owner spirals out of control amid a cast of eccentric characters in this true murder-for-hire story from the underworld of big cat breeding’.

But let us warn you. It’s so much more. Tiger King has you gobsmacked from start to end, as it genuinely feels like a fictional story. Not only is the docuseries amazing, but the internet, in true form, has brought us some of the most hilarious memes we’ve seen in 2020. And we’ve definitely needed it while the coronavirus outbreak has been happening. Here are just some of the best memes we’ve seen to do with Tiger King. If we were completely honest, there were too many to choose from! Enjoy!

Oh, and if you want Joe Exotic’s album then it’s here! And it’s a best seller – unbelievable!


A man shrugging his shoulders
Credit: Twitter

For those of you who passionately believe Carole Baskin is the real culprit.


A man talking to the camera
Credit: Twitter

We laughed out loud at this! Especially with the context. Comedy gold!


A man wearing an eyebrow ring
Credit: Twitter

This has to be one of the most distracting things in the whole show. HOW does Joe Exotic’s eyebrow ring stay there? We are convinced it’s wizardry!


Cartoon characters talking to each other
Credit: Twitter

Absolutely amazing!


A man talking to the camera in a field
Credit: Twitter

This meme has to be one of our favorites. With all of us dying of boredom, Netflix really pulled it out of the bag with this one. We doubt Disney+ will be introducing this type of content any time soon.


Someone sat in a chair and talking
Credit: Twitter

This is honestly dedication to the job.


A man blinking at a woman
Credit: Twitter

No words needed.


A woman pointing while a man sits there
Credit: Twitter

We really hope this meme format never ever dies. Especially when they are revamped to relate to current situations. And boy, do we love this.


A man shocked in a library
Credit: Twitter

Like we said at the start, this docuseries really has you shook from start to finish.


A couple looking at a tiger
Credit: Twitter

This meme format really does relate to any situation. And this one is so accurate.


A number of pictures describing what it takes to be the tiger king
Credit: Twitter; Reddit

This is the truest thing we have ever seen! We really thought mullets had be left in the past but how wrong we were?! Is it bad that we think Carole Baskin is actually trendy with all that animal print?!


A man posing with a tiger
Credit: Twitter

And for all you Office fans – this one is for you! Dwight really is a toned-down version of Joe Exotic. Imagine if had a mullet as well? He really could be him!

Netflix watchers, have you noticed that viewing quality isn’t up to scratch? Because this could be why.