The Stranger Things 4 Rumors And Theories You Need To Know…

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The much anticipated Season 4 has sadly been delayed due to the coronavirus, leaving us all to rewatch the first 3 seasons on repeat while in lockdown. Although this is entertaining us, now more than ever we are wondering what’s going to happen in the next season. With so many theories circulating, here’s just a few that have caught our eye!

Thankfully, the filming for Stranger Things Season 4 has been completed, but production will continue after things regarding the COVID-19 pandemic has calmed down. This hasn’t stopped people speculating what’s to come for the new season. As you all know by now, Hopper was presumed dead. The teaser trailer ensured us all that this isn’t true. Hopper actually survived and is now imprisoned. With this information, many have theories about what might happen, making us very excited about the new season…

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What storylines are we going to see?

Fans of the show have seen filming occur in Lithuania, leading many to believe a lot of the show will be based in the Soviet Union (with Lithuania as a stand-in). Both Winona Ryder and Brett Gelman were actually seen filming in Lituniania – does this mean they travel to Russia to save Hopper? This could mean Joyce and Murray take a trip to help bring Hopper home. From wardrobe tags to the restaurant they ate in, it seems the two actors couldn’t escape eagle-eyed viewers, spoiling what could be a crucial storyline in season 4.

All may not be as it seems though, as some people have been quick to suggest just because Ryder and Gilman were spotted on location doesn’t actually mean the storyline will play out as people hope. Instead, theorists have created the idea that Hopper could actually hallucinate a vision that Joyce comes to save him. We hope that’s not true, we love you, Hopper!

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Will we see more of Mike and Hopper? Is Dr. Brenner alive?

And there’s more! In Season 3 in particular, we see the dynamic between Mike and Hopper as they fight for the attention of Eleven. Their relationship remains rocky, as we see the teenage love birds work through their romance as Hopper attempts to be a father figure in Eleven’s life. Hopper and Mike struggled to agree on things, but Season 4 looks to see the two reconcile. A clip circulating on the internet has caused fans to believe that upcoming episodes will see the beginning of Mike and Hopper becoming friends again. Awwww!

Viewers are also hoping Season 4 of Stranger Things should answer some questions we’ve all been wanting to know. The fate of Dr. Brenner is still not understood, as fans never saw him die, meaning he could still be alive. With his close connection to the Upside Down, is that where he could be? Tons of people though Dr. Brenner may actually be ‘The American’. As Hopper was confirmed to be The American, this has led to superfans to think of more theories in regards to the doctor. If he is alive, could Hopper bump into him in Russia? We have so many questions and not enough answers!

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Coincidence or crucial?

We think our favorite theory of them all is the link between each chatacter death. This may be silly theory but we think it’s pretty interesting. Every character that as sadly died had the same initial. Barb, Bob and Billy all faced a horrible death by creatures from the Upside Down. Coincidence or not?

All we know for sure is that we are desperate to see the new season. With production pushbacks and no confirmed release date, it looks like we may have to wait a while. We have our fingers crossed that 2020 will serve us some good news and Season 4 of Stranger Things will be coming soon. Sadly, it looks like it could be 2021. Our excitement is just too much!

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