The Office Reunions That Have Happened During Lockdown

People talking on a live stream
Credit: YouTube

Office fans around the world are desperate for the cast to reunite, but with the current ongoing pandemic, a reunion is more unlikely than ever. Parks and Rec recently announced they are bringing us a one-off special, where the cast has filmed an episode, as their characters deal with the lockdown. This has led many to respond, saying NBC should do the same with The Office. With no response yet, we instead have to enjoy the mini-reunions that have been going on while millions are stuck indoors. Enjoy!

Dwight and Andy

They may have been arch-enemies for a long time in the mockumentary, as the two fought for the affections of Angela. But one scene that usually sticks in everyone’s mind is the two battling it out to prove who had the most musical talent. In a recent Instagram live stream between Rainn Wilson and Ed Helms, the two reminisce about the good old days filming, with Andy recalling memories of what he would do between takes. But most importantly, the two actors decided to reenact that famous season 5 scene, where the two sing John Denver’s Country Roads. Their internet connection may have been poor, but it still made us feel super nostalgic! There may not have been a guitar or banjo used, and Erin was not there to be wowed by their ‘talents’, but we still loved every bit. And seeing that Wilson and Helms are still friends is amazing!

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Oscar, Jan, Meredith and Kevin

Oscar Nunez, Melora Hardin, Kate Flannery, and Brian Baumgartner have recently come together to chat about The Office and it’s the best thing ever! The selected cast spoke about their first moments on the show, with Flannery talking about how her role was uncertain whether it would be long term or not. Seeing these familiar faces has really put a smile on our faces. And we love the fact that Brian has an Office calendar behind him – such a Kevin thing to do!

The four office actors also talk about a possible reunion in the future. The actors talk about how much they get asked to do a reunion episode or possibly bring the sitcom back, buck Hardin (who plays the amazing Jan) comes up with a resolution, as she says they should create an Office feature film. We would definitely be on board. Check out their conversation below, as they chat about all things The Office for nearly 40 minutes! We have to add though, we wish the connection was better. I know we are all in lockdown but it seems the Office cast struggle to get decent wi-fi!

The Rest of the Gang…

We also can’t forget John Krasinski’s web show Some Good News that has brought us the most amazing reunions so far. Millions of us were shocked to see Steve Carell join the YouTube channel, as both Krasinski and Carell discuss some of their favorite moments from The Office. Not only has Carell joined Some Good News, but we also can’t forget that Wilson also made an appearance. It really did feel like we were watching a real-time interaction between Jim and Michael/ Jim and Dwight! We also must add our favorite podcast, The Office Ladies, as Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer dissect an episode of The Office, giving us behind the scenes information that fans would have never known! This may have started way before we had to quarantine, but every week it drops we have a full hour of new Office content!

And if you can’t get enough of watching AND listening to the Office cast, then there’s also a book talking about the untold story of the sitcom. Check it out!