The Witcher Season 2 Photo Shared By Showrunner

The Witcher cast standing heroically
Credit: Netflix, The Witcher

Filming was halted last month due to the global Covid-19 pandemic however we have been given a glimpse behind the scenes of The Witcher Season 2.

The image was shared by the show runner Lauren Hissrich on her Twitter account:

Credit Lauren S Hissrich

The image is a snap of the crew behind the camera on set of The Witcher Season 2. Whilst it doesn’t show a lot (apart from a scene in some woodland… surprise surprise) it certainly gives fans hope amidst the chaos that the second instalment of the show was very much materialising.

Shortly before filming began for Season 2 in February, Hissrich talked to Digital Spy about the show. Describing season 1 as the “Building blocks” to ease the viewer into the world.

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and Henry Cavill Credit Los Angeles Times

She then went on to explain how the second season would would start to bring characters together to meet for the first time. Judging by what we have seen so far, this is a recipe for some well choreographed fight scenes that we have already been teased with so far.

It may be a long way off yet, but we are definitely excited for the return of the show! And if you want a recap of season 1, check out our article here.