Warzone Cheaters Could Be Matched Together

Player's inside Plane before dropping into WARZONE
Credit: Activision, Call of Duty: Activision

Cheaters have been a big thing of Call of Duty’s Warzone Battle Royale recently. We’ve heard stories about Activision banning over 60,000 accounts that have been caught for hacking. Although this is some progress it seems that it’s not enough, as some console players are asking for the removal of a feature. Players have been asking for cross platform in most games for years, and now they want an option to disable it. As more played on PC start to hack and cheat in the game, this leaves the console players at their mercy.

Now Activision Tweeted some information that most players should be happy about. This week they’re rolling out more resources for back-end tech, the studio and enforcement teams. As well as more options and features for the the report feature currently in the game. A confirmation will appear in-game or out if a report you issued has resulted in the player being banned. Coming soon is also the option to report players from the killcam and spectate modes.

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This is all bundled up in the fantastic and hilarious news that if you are caught of cheating, you will be matched into games with other cheaters. It’s not explained how this would work, whether your profile will be flagged and you can still play the game or if you are thought of being a cheater from a report. This does mean however that the non-cheaters will have a better time on the game, without their fun being spoiled. It would be unfair to those who don’t cheat to still let the cheaters play the game, even if it’s in a handicapped situation.

Don’t get me wrong it would be fun to see a whole lobby full of cheaters, all wall hacking and aim-botting, the games would last 5 minutes at a time. You also can’t let these Warzone cheaters feel like this is good thing, if they’re still able to play the game they will feel like it’s achievement. At the same time, how are they going to implement this feature if they aren’t going to ban the player?

I’m sure we will get more information this week on the new matchmaking and how it will affect the average player. Also, if it works or not.

Players skydiving into the map in Warzone
Credit: Activision, Call of Duty: Warzone