A New Space Force Trailer AND Podcast Revealed

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Credit: Netflix

This is something we’ve been excited about for a long time, and the closer it comes, the more we get to see a glimpse of how truly amazing this show looks. Space Force is bringing together Steve Carell with The Office creator Greg Daniels. For months we have all speculated what’s to come. Not only has Netflix released a 3-minute long trailer giving us a true insight, but a new podcast has also been revealed, dropping on the same day!

Mark the 29th of May into your calendars people. This is when not only Space Force is coming to our favorite streaming service, but a brand new podcast will be available for millions of users to enjoy. The podcast, called ‘Inside Joke’ premiers on the same day as the new series finally lands on Netflix, as Jimmy O. Yang hosts the podcast while also starring in the sitcom. Cast and crew will join Yang as he talks about the stories behind the show, with guests including both Carell and Daniels, alongside other stars such as John Malkovich and Ben Schwartz.

The second trailer has also given us an amazing backstory of what’s to come. The workplace comedy focuses on Carell’s character Mark R. Naird (played by Carell), as he heads up the Space Force after accidentally launching a rocket! He, along with a group of scientists, must attempt to colonize space, trying not to mess this one up. The trailer also gives us a deeper look into each individual character, with Lisa Kudrow playing the general’s wife. Carell seems to be back better than ever – we have seriously missed him in a comedy series!

Steve Carell recently spoke out to say although Space Force does poke fun at the real-world parallel, it will not be political. He goes on to say that Netflix pitched the idea to him, and he said yes immediately purely because the name was funny! He then went on to ask Greg Daniels, and without hesitation, he joined also! This is the first time the pair has come together since The Office. And Office fans, did you spot a familiar face? Look who it is below! Is that Trevor, Dwight’s friend who tries to attack Oscar?! This is the best Office crossover, ever!

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Credit: Netflix

This is amazing news, and we can’t believe that Netflix has treated us to such an amazing series along with a podcast to enjoy in these terrible times. Space Force is something we have all needed to cheer our spirits up. Steve Carell, we have missed you! Check out the first trailer here!

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