All The Office Merchandise You Need From Amazon

A man holding a cup
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The Office remains one of the most popular shows to date. It may have ended seven years ago, but our love and admiration hasn’t ended. Fans of the mockumentary who want to treat themselves to some office merchandise will love knowing what is available. From mugs to coloring books, there is so much to choose from. And we’re obsessed! 

Popular Items

Lego sets have proven to be a massive hit, and we love how you can recreate the whole Office! If you are in need of a good nook based on the show, then there is a recipe book that fans have been loving, where you can recreate food mentioned in The Office. If you want all the gossip from the show, including the real reason Steve Carell left in Season 7, then The Untold Story is definitely for you! And not forgetting that you can still preorder ‘The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary’, the kid’s book based around The Office characters!

A childrens book on the office
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Lockdown has made it especially hard to throw anyone a birthday party. Unintentionally, it might look like the party Jim and Dwight throw for Kelly. But if you’re really wanting to recreate that party scene, Amazon is selling the balloons and the ‘It Is Your Birthday.’ party banner that was used in the show! If you are needing to send a birthday card, then there’s plenty of those too. Our favorite has to be the Kevin’s Chilli themed one!

A birthday card with kevin from the office
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Cups and mugs are one of the most popular merchandise pieces to buy ourselves, with tons of Office themed ones available. There is a Schrute Farms travel mug available, or if you prefer a Michael Scott quote, then there is plenty of them. If you want a reminder of the show altogether, then there’s even a mug with the cast on it. Or to keep to simple, there’s a Dunder Mifflin Paper Company cup. Drinking will never be the same!

A mug with dunder mifflin logo
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There are tons of activities available all based around the show. If you’re wanting to relax and color, there’s a book filled with The Office images ready to be colored (including Michael’s Threat Level Midnight poster!). If you’re a bit of a savage, there’s a Cards Against Humanity game themed around the show name Box Against Office. So if you’re in the mood to fall out with the family as you want to test who’s the funniest, then this one if for you!

A game dedicated to the office
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Home Decor 

Wanting to dress up your room with accessories based all around the show? Then there’s plenty of cushions to do this! There are sequin cushions with both Dwight and Michael’s face. If you are wanting something to match the simple Feng Shui of your home, then there are also some simple, office quote cushions to match that theme. Or you might even like a framed image and quote of Michael for your wall. There is plenty to choose from!

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There are so many Office themed t-shirts to choose from. We already can’t wait till we can leave the house and wear them all at once! There’s plenty to pick from, so we’ve chosen our top picks! If you would like to support the businesses from the show, then there are Dunder Mifflin tees, as well as Vance Refigration T-shirts. If you would like to support Michael’s charity, then there is also a Fun Run t-shirt available which we love! If you are more understated and what to show you love for the show in other ways, there are also slogan t-shirts available, with the amazing ‘I’m not superstitious, but I’m a little stitious’ quote ready to order. And if that wasn’t enough for you, there’s even a Christmas themed “that’s what she said” jumper on Amazon!

A christmas themed jumper with a slogan on it
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Funko pops

If you thoroughly enjoy collecting items like Funko pops, then there are tons to choose from, with loads of characters from The Office. But you have to be quick because there’s limited stock and they usually run out of stock fast! Popular funko pops include Jim’s character, with one of Dwight from season 1 holding the famous jello stapler! Prison Mike is our personal favorite, one of the best moments from the whole show. More characters are being released as we speak, as you can now pre-order a Meredith funko pop! Amazing!

A funko pop of dwight from the office
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Someone has wrote the script for season 10 and it’s insane! Check it out!