Another Shocking Cat Documentary Is Heading To Netflix

Two men posing with a cat
Credit: Sky

Tiger King has proven to be a huge hit on Netflix. Millions of people couldn’t get enough of the big-cat docuseries, as viewers were fascinated by Joe Exotic and the story that unfolded. Fans of the show will be glad to know that the streaming service is now working on a new documentary with the same filmmakers. This true story could be even more shocking than Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness…

The filmmakers are now focusing on the 2003 mauling attack that took place on the Siegfried and Roy Show. The show ran for 13 years, which was the most-visited show in Las Vegas, until a terrible incident caused the show to completely close, leaving hundreds without a job. This incident, of course, involved a big cat, something that left the world in complete shock…

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Credit: People

It’s almost unbelievable!

A tiger named Montecore attacked Roy on stage, causing absolute chaos. The tiger bit one half of the duo, causing him to trip and fall on his back. The tiger then stood over him, biting his neck and dragging him off stage. The terrifying attack severed Roy Horn’s spine, leaving him permanently impaired, not only physically but verbally. Roy also suffered from a stroke during the attack, but reports suggested that he told people Montecore is a great cat and to ’cause him no harm’. If this catastrophic event wasn’t already shocking enough, there are conspiracies around what truly happened on that night at the Mirage hotel…

Trainer Chris Lawrence accused the duo of mishandling the white tiger Montecore, which is why the animal attacked Roy Horn. The docuseries will not only focus on the attack in 2003 but what followed after. Lawrence also suggested that the duo covered up what really happened to protect their image, with the Mirage hotel also hiding secrets to protect their brand. The duo dismissed these claims, but we can imagine the new Netflix documentary will dive into all the evidence. We can’t wait.

A man stood with a tiger
Credit: Netflix

Could it be as popular as Tiger King?

Netflix is hoping that they may have another huge hit on their hands, after the unexpected success of Tiger King. The docuseries received more viewers in the first 10 days than Stranger Things did, with more than 34 million viewers. More productions have now stemmed from the documentary, with Nicolas Cage announced to play Joe Exotic. Rob Lowe has also suggested another project is on its way with Ryan Murphy. Within just a few months, Tiger King has exploded around the world. We predict this new documentary will do the exact same!

There’s no date as of yet when the filmmakers will release the documentary. But we believe it will be worth the wait if it’s anything like Tiger King!