B99’s Subtle Reference To Friends

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Sitcoms have a special place in most people’s hearts. While many of our favorite comedies have ended, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still going strong (thanks to NBC). With Michael Schur behind the show, we usually see an occasional nod to other comedies, such as The Office and Parks and Recreation. But fans, alongside Netflix, have spotted a reference made about Friends, and we are shocked!

Both sitcoms are some of the most popular shows to exist, with millions of fans obsessed with each show. And it seems Brooklyn Nine-Nine also wanted to show their appreciation for Friends. Posted by Netflix India’s Instagram, we were surprised to see that our favorite couple from each show actually has the same marriage date. Coincidence or not?!

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Have a sudden urge to get married today too.

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Our two favorite couples are more similar than we thought!

The revelation has seriously surprised fans as it could mean there is some sort of connection between the two shows. Chandler and Monica marrying on the exact same day as Jake and Amy could reflect the type of relationship they both have. In both respective shows, the couples both started off just as friends, flourishing into so much more. This could be why B99 chose to have the same date as the Friends characters. Copying the marriage date illustrates both couples started off in similar ways.

The way in which the date is announced is also similar. Rather than May 15th spoken about in passing conversation, instead, both sitcoms decided to make it a significant part, with the characters announcing the news. Again, this seems like a nod to Friends and the relationship both couples have in each show. Brooklyn Nine-Nine would usually refer to Friends as a pop culture reference. But it seems this is instead a dedication to Friends. A comedy many feels opened the doors to other sitcoms.

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We can’t get over how cute this is!

SO how does everyone feel about this? Chandler and Monica married on the exact same day as Jake and Amy. Two love stories we all wish we could have for ourselves. Fans are delighted to see the striking resemblance of the shows in this scene. Check out the comments section of the post to see everyone’s admiration. We for one are ecstatic that Friends and B99 are somehow connected. We seriously love hidden easter eggs in shows like this – and spotting them feels so rewarding!

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