Bright 2 Is On The Way With New Director

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Credit: Netflix

Netflix has recently become the hotspot for amazing movies and blockbusters. It’s something no one expected from the streaming service, but for a number of years, Netflix has released some massive hits. Take for example Extraction. In the first four weeks, the film was viewed by over 90 million households, something cinemas would struggle to compete with. Because of its popularity, Netflix has decided to bring us some sequels. Like we reported recently, Extraction will get a second film. And so will the 2017 hit Bright…

Yes, one of the first films that become a huge success on the platform will be getting a sequel. Bright was the first time Netflix had invested in a big budget movie. And it seems it paid off, as the movie was viewed 60 million times within the first month of its release. The fantasy film, which starred Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, will finally be getting a second movie.

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Credit: Netflix

The streaming service has commissioned a sequel with Louis Leterrier (known for Dark Crystal and Incredible Hulk) in talks to direct the movie. Things will more than likely be at the beginning of production due to the ongoing pandemic, but Netflix has confirmed they are actively working on the new film. David Ayer also looks to be on board for the sequel, producing and writing the script for the much-anticipated fan-favorite.

Bright follows a human police officer, with his partner being an orc, this causes huge problems. They stumble across a turf war in LA, leading them down a dark path. Fans applauded this unusual sci-fi movie, but Rotten Tomatoes disagreed. With just a 28% rating, the website describes the film as trying to ‘blend fantasy, hard-hitting cop drama, and social commentary — and ends up falling painfully short of the mark on all three fronts’. Fans couldn’t get enough, and it seems Netflix don’t care either!

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Credit: Columbia Pictures

There’s no confirmed date as to when Bright 2 will be coming to Netflix. Release dates are extremely uncertain at the minute, but we’re hoping normailty will resume soon. We’re excited to see the cast of Bright back on our screens!