Call of Duty: Warzone’s Gulag Has a Big Bug!

Warzone is fast becoming one of this years hit game, however along with it’s popularity comes a lot of bugs. The latest to be spotted is all about The Gulag.

The issue was found by Reddit user ffthrowaway5. A false redeployment message saying their teammate has been redeployed is sent to fellow teammates once their Gulag 1v1 is done. Causing players to be forced to continue to play minus a player.

Credit: Activsion

The post on Reddit said the following; “We were playing last night and one of our teammates went down and then lost his match in the Gulag. His nameplate on our displays had the red skull and said $4,500 next to it, but when we went to a buy station it said “Can’t buy back player, already redeployed” or something along those lines.”

“Both of us tried buying him back in, and we tried multiple buy stations, but the same message showed up every time even though he very clearly was not redeployed. Before anyone asks he is one of my buddies and we had comms on the entire time with him and he was just as confused as us”

Credit: Activison

The bug is nothing new to the game, the original post was made over a month ago. However many players still seem to be having the same issue too this day.

But this isn’t the only bug, Twitter users are reporting a tone of new issues. One player saying “As it stands in the Gulag if you win as soon as you get hit with a Molotov you will respawn in the match downed and fall to your death”

Sounds like a lot needs patching in the next update. But bugs aren’t the only problem in Warzone, hackers have been causing real problems. The game needs some major updates ASAP. Love gaming? Like Binge Gaming for more.