Community Reunion Sparks Movie Rumors

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Credit: Netflix

In the past few weeks, popular sitcoms have come together and reunited over this uncertain period. And the Community cast is the latest to come together for an exciting reunion. Not only is a reunion episode exciting enough, but there are also talks of a possible movie in the works!

Dan Harmon, the creator of Community, recently spoke out about the recent speculation. As Community recently hit Netflix, fans have reiterated their love for the show, with new viewers now beginning to enjoy the comedy. Harmon announced that ‘I can say that there are conversations happening that people would want to be happening’. For years, fans have called for six seasons and a movie. Six seasons have been checked off. But now it looks like after quarantine has ended, there could possibly be a Community movie on the way!

Community is back and loved by everyone again in 2020!

These rumors have also been spoken about by Joel McHale. He believes ‘there’s a better chance than there’s ever been’. The actor recently spoke to Variety about the possibility of a movie, with Alison Brie also tweeting that she has had a phone call from Sony. Looks like big things are coming for the cast of Community. This news has come to the surface as the cast reunite to raise money for charity, similar to Parks and Recreation’s one-off special event. The gang has virtually rejoined for a table read and Q&A to raise money for charity. This is amazing!

Community had been criticized as fans felt the show lost its heart in later seasons. As the show ended five years ago, it seems fans have changed their mind and would now like a movie. This is especially because the show has now become a favorite again, reminding everyone how brilliant Community actually was. From the series dropping on Netflix to the quarantine Q&A, fans are now super excited to see if a film will be heading to us in the near future!

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Credit: Netflix

Don’t miss out!

All our favorites, including Donald Glover and Ken Jeong, will be coming back on May 18th for the table read and Q&A. We’re so excited to see what the future holds for Community. We just want all our favorites back again!

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