Dead To Me Season 2 Has Finally Dropped

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Credit: Netflix

Fans of the show have been waiting a whole year to see what trouble Judy and Jen get themselves into. Finally, Netflix has released season 2 of Dead To Me. We don’t think we will have enough nails left after we have bitten them all off! Lockdown may be still ongoing, but the new season will finally give us something to do all weekend.

Many of you will have probably binged the whole season in one sitting (I mean what else is there to do?!). Many of us haven’t seen it yet, leaving tons of us to speculate what will happen in the newest season. As you all know, Season 1 ended very dramatically as Judy’s ex Steve (James Marsden) has been killed, left floating in the pool. It seemed like Jen and Judy were even, as both of their lovers and been killed by the other. But are their lies going to soon catch up with them?

What can we expect?

Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate have been promoting the series from their homes, as the actresses spoke out about how draining it was to film the Netflix original. Dead To Me has the perfect balance of emotion and humor, something the actresses says was difficult to film. The dark comedy has some intense moments, something which Applegate says left them holding ‘each other on the floor and sobbing’. We really don’t know what to expect from season 2…

Fans will also be happy to know that Season 2 carries on immediately after where the first season left us shocked. From the trailer, it seems like people are catching onto their crimes and their past is about to catch up with them fast. This season also looks jam-packed with more stomach-churning moments, something we aren’t prepared for. Will Jen and Judy ever get a happy ending? We are thanking the streaming service for finally giving us more answers.

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Credit: Netflix

We’re excited to binge-watch the show, and this is one Netflix original we want more and more of. If you love everything Netflix, then we have a Facebook Group dedicated to giving Netflix news!