Extraction Sequel Is Coming!

People walking in a sewers
Credit: Netflix

One of the most popular films to hit Netflix already this year, Extraction is the action-packed movie that has you hooked from start to end. The streaming service’s original film has had tons of us talking. People can’t stop talking about how exhilarating the film is. But more importantly, that ending has got everyone wondering if a sequel is on the horizon…

Netflix seems to have perfected this blockbuster, written by none other than Avengers: End Game director Joe Russo. The film follows Tyler (played by Chris Hemsworth) as he rescues and protects a young kidnapped son of a crime lord. The deadly mission becomes near impossible, with every criminal hunting the pair down. Spoiler – just as the mission is near completed, Tyler gets shot and falls into the water. This led everyone to believe he has been killed. But is that the case?

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Credit: Netflix

Eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted in the last scene a male figure in the background as the young boy swims in the pool.Many believe this could be Tyler that has survived. And with Netflix’s recent announcement that a second movie is in the works, now more than ever we think he could have! Russo is already back writing the sequel as the first one has proven to be such a success. Hemsworth even announced that Extraction has now become the biggest feature film of all time for the streaming service. Approximately 90 million households have viewed the movie in the first 4 weeks. That’s insane!

Netflix seems to have spotted they have a hit on their hands. By leaving an open cliffhanger to weigh up fan’s reactions it has meant they can make a decision from there. As Extraction 2 is already in the works, we’re excited to see what happens next. Viewers have applauded the riveting storyline, including a shocking twist with Stranger Thing’s Hopper (if you know, you know!). We’re hoping the sequel will not disappoint – and of course, we’re hoping Tyler is alive!

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Credit: Netflix

Not much has been given away yet as to what will happen in the upcoming film. But we are certain that the sequel will be just as cut-throat at the first movie. Director Sam Hargrave announced that there has been discussions surrounding following the story of another character, which has left many of us intrigued. Hargrave also stated that ‘further movies have definitely been discussed’. Does this mean we have a franchise on our hands?!

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