GTA 5 Is Free Right Now… If You Can Manage To Get It

If you are still yet to own Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC today is your lucky day. Because GTA5 is Epic Games’ newest mystery free game.

From today you can download GTA 5 on the Epic Games store until May 21 and keep it FOREVER! That’s one hell of an offer. Despite launching on PC over five years ago and the Xbox360 almost 7 years ago! it’s consistently among the top ten most popular games on Steam and boasts as many active players now as it’s ever had. So if you are still yet to own it on PC today is the day.

Credit: Rockstar Games

The announcement was leaked by Epic Games on Twitter last night – It was quickly removed but not before everyone saved it…

However, as expected so many people want the game for free The Epic Games Store is currently down giving most visitors ‘Server error 500’. Let’s be honest we all saw it coming.

So it looks like it might be a little harder that we thought to grab a free copy of the game, or any other games on Epic Games. The deal went live at 4pm BST which is around the same time that the Epic Games Store server issues started. Epic Games took to twitter to confirm the issues

“We are currently experiencing high traffic on the Epic Games Store. We are aware that users may be encountering slow loading times, 500 errors, or launcher crashing at this time and we are actively working to scale. We’ll provide an update as soon as we can.”

Credit: Rockstar Games

The online community of GTA is as strong as the day it landed, thousands post on the subreddit every day so you can jump right in and start racing and stealing cars…

The game is officially the biggest and best selling game in history with over 110 million copies sold. So no wonder Rockstar are in no bring out 6. The sixth installment is rumored to have started production but who knows at this point. So until then, it might be best to grab this offer while it lasts