Half Life: Alyx Has Official Steam Workshop Support Now

Half Life: Alyx poster of Alyx tinkering
Credit: Valvle, Half Life: Alyx

Mods have already been developed for Half Life: Alyx, but using unofficial tools. One such mod let’s players play the game without VR support, turning it into a classic FPS. Now, Valve have released the official tools to develop mods in the game.

Half Life: Alyx now has Steam Workshop Support, and a set of modding tools along with the Workshop update. As a bonus, this update also brings native Linux support to Alyx using the Vulkan API.

Here are the tools included in the editor’s tool suite to create all the mods you want:

  • Hammer, the latest version of the Source 2 level editor.
  • Material Editor, the tool for creating and tuning materials in Source 2.
  • ModelDoc, a tool for viewing, editing, and compiling models with animation, collision, and other gameplay attributes.
  • AnimGraph, our animation tool used to create complicated animation setups with blends and transitions.
  • Particle Editor, for making new particle effects.
  • Subrect Editor, for creating smart texture sheets known as “hotspots.”
  • Source Filmmaker, the Source 2 cinematic renderer and animation tool.

Valve also released a comment on the new modding tools.

“Want to make your own VR physics sandbox or a giant Rube Goldberg machine? Design a new combat encounter featuring a dozen Combine soldiers at once? What about creating the world’s longest Multitool puzzle, or imagining a whole new district of City 17? Crack open the tools yourself and make it happen!”

These tools are currently in beta, and are planned to be updated by Valve “in the coming weeks”. If you’re a novice modder then these tools are a good start to get going in creating your own mods, including some sample maps. Valve says these tools explain “how we authored enemy encounters in the game, as well as showcase some new features of the Half-Life: Alyx level art pipeline including tile meshes, static and dynamic cables, and texture hotspotting.”

Keep an eye out on the Workshop page, some great mods have been made for some fantastic games. This is another fantastic game that will eventually receive some mind-blowing mods.

Here are a couple of cool mods that are available to Subscribe to right now!