How Apple TV+ Is Trying To Compete With Netflix

The Apple TV+ logo and the Netflix logo
Credit: Apple; Netflix

Apple TV+ has existed for only 6 months, with so many of us expecting big things from the streaming service. Although Apple promoted the service with hopes to bring us a plethora of content, it just does not seem like this is the case. The platform only offers a handful of series and movies, and even then the choice seems relatively poor. Their only hit so far seems to be the star studded The Morning Show. But will users with one years free subscription continue to pay a monthly fee?

It seems Apple has recognised the lack of appeal the streaming service offers. Especially as other competitors including Netflix and Disney Plus are offering a ton of popular content. Apple has responded to this by acquiring older movies and tv shows in order to offer users more choice. In terms of quality, Apple’s original programming is great. But their lack of choice is dissatisfying customers and therefore users are turning to other streaming services. This has meant Apple has now bought the rights to a number of films and series. Bloomberg even reported that executives are now speaking to Hollywood studios to work out a deal to show older content. 

The morning show poster from apple with thre people stood up
Credit: Apple

So how are Apple solving the problem?

Apple TV+ currently offers only 17 titles. They may all be originally created by the company, with tons of big budget productions, but it simply is not enough. Amazon and Netflix offer thousands of options. Although they may have launched years before, even Disney+ offers plenty of content in such a short period of time. Apple is struggling to rival these companies, meaning action had to be taken in order to increase viewership. Big names are no longer enough – with users binge watching series daily, there needs to be plenty to pick from. 

When Apple TV+ initially launched, the intended strategy was to only offer original content. This is because the platform offers other films and series at a fee. Buying existing films and series to expand its catalogue was not on the cards, especially as it defeats the object of offering a premium 4K streaming store for a fee. But things have had to change, and now Apple TV+ customers should now begin to see a wider range of options. The app hosts other streaming services, proving a problem for Apple as customers could see the choice other competitors were offering. This should hopefully make Apple a more desirable service…

The Apple TV+ logo
Credit: Apple

Nothing can stop Netflix though…

This comes as Netflix recently announced that despite worries regarding the coronavirus outbreak, there will still be plenty of content released.  Users were unsure whether content would stop as productions around the globe has currently halted, but Netflix has reassured subscribers that series and movies will still drop. With this business strategy,  it seems it may be a difficult job for Apple TV+ to compete. It’s getting harder and harder to choose our favourite streaming platform!