How Netflix Plans To Resume Production

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Credit: Netflix

Life has been completely nuts in the last couple of months. The coronavirus pandemic has affected each and everyone one of us, personally and financially. With many industries struggling to survive, Netflix has thrived. With their content hitting millions of views each day, their streaming service has never been so popular. The platform recently reassured us that movies and series won’t run out within the next year. Although some productions have had to be pushed back, e.g. Stranger Things, Netflix has stated that business will resume as usual. But how are they doing this?

With no timeline on when lockdown will completely end, it is uncertain when productions will resume. But Netflix has organized a plan, which has been praised by many as it sets the standard for the rest of the industry. The company has already begun shooting in countries with relaxed rules, including Japan and Iceland. But regulations have to be met, which will spread worldwide when other Netflix productions begin again. This includes bringing your own lunches instead of gifted buffets. Daily temperature checks will also take place to ensure cast and crew are fit and healthy.

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Credit: Netflix

What rules will Netflix workers have to follow?

Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer of Netflix recently spoke out about future plans. Production will resume in countries such as Sweden and Norway in the next coming months. The industry also relies on hair and makeup, something that has radically changed recently, as Sarandos claims disposable applicators will be used where possible onset.

Sarandos continues to talk about the impact the pandemic has had on the thousands of Netflix employees. As many staff have been furloughed, Sarandos stated that they are ‘starting to learn how to get production going again despite the crisis’. Although millions of subscribers demand new content daily, the safety of employees comes first. He continues to say that ‘crew members are anxious to return to work’. Users may be excited for new content to arrive, but implementing new rules is necessary.

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Credit: Netflix

Productions are already well under-way!

So how successful have the rules been so far? Well, Netflix has started to shoot a new romance series in South Korea. If anyone starts to show symptoms, according to Sarandos, production is completely halted. Cleanliness has been reinforced on set, with tons of hand sanitizers, gloves, and masks to hand. Everyone on set must wash their hands every other hour, with costumes steamed and surfaces disinfected. Any intimate moments have been postponed until the crisis relaxes. Ted Sarandos ended his conversation with The Los Angeles Times saying ‘The show must, and will, go on’.

So will other production companies follow suit? The movie industry has plummeted into complete chaos. From cinemas refusing to host any Universal movies to the majority of films going straight to digital, who knows what the future looks like. It has been reported that only a number of productions have been opened in the US, purely for financial stability. Looks like the industry will never be the same again…

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