Jim & Pam’s Wedding Was Set To Be Much Darker…

Two people getting married
Credit: NBC

We can’t lie, watching the Niagara two-part special really brings a tear to our eyes. Office fans will understand the pain of watching Jim and Pam for years, as their relationship didn’t start off the best. Their friendship blossomed into one of the best sitcom romances ever (Rachel and Ross who?). But their wedding episode was going to be very different…

The Niagara episodes hit our screens over 10 years ago, but still to this day, it’s amazing to watch the couple marry each other. Niagara is full of sweet moments. From the couple sneaking off on the boat to the Chris Brown ‘Forever’ sequence the office puts on. But the original idea for this episode was much more to go wrong than Pam’s veil ripping. A familiar face was meant to come back and break the wedding up. We’re so glad that it didn’t happen!

Two people dancing outside
Credit: NBC

Roy was meant to do what?!

Greg Daniels, the creator of the US version of the mockumentary intended for Roy to show up at the wedding and attempt to win Pam back. Even better, the idea was for her ex-fiance to show up on a horse! You have got to be kidding! The storyline was meant to include Dwight, as he admires the animals surrounding Niagara Falls. This is where Roy would come in, riding a horse and attempting to sweep Pam off of her feet. Madness!

Thankfully, the writers decided that the idea was insane. Especially as the horse was going to be sent over the falls! The ending was too controversial according to some of the writers, with some describing the horse storyline as ‘dark and weird’. The Niagara episode we all love was of course inspired by YouTube videos where friends and family dance down the aisle. This meant the Roy ending was finally scrapped and fans could finally see Jim and Pam marry each other without a hitch.

We’re grateful that Roy didn’t appear at Jim and Pam’s wedding. What we do wish though, is that we could see Michael and Holly get hitched. Now that’s a wedding episode we are desperate for!

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