John Krasinksi Talks SGN Controversy With Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson and John Krasinksi talking on IG
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Many of us have been loving John Krasinski’s YouTube Channel dedicated to giving us Some Good News. Office fans especially admired the show, as the actor managed to reunite the cast in a heartwarming reenactment of Jim and Pam’s Niagara wedding dance. But lots of us were recently disappointed to hear that CBS All Access bought the rights to the show. The announcement also suggested that Krasinski wouldn’t be hosting the show anymore. While we have been frustrated with this decision, Krasinski has cleared up some confusion, speaking exclusively with Office co-star and friend Rainn Wilson!

The actors come together for yet another video call, this time on Wilson’s Instagram. The two spoke on the Instagram Live ‘Hey There, Human’ about the pandemic and how Some Good News came about. Viewers were left disheartened as the show had been sold to ViacomCBS. There may have only been eight episodes, but the show built a huge fanbase. Especially as each week, there was a new surprise for everyone to enjoy, including world-class singers and actors. What made the news even more bitter was the fact that Krasinski seemed to be completely separate from the show, which Krasinski has deemed as false. Watch below to see him talk about the intentions of the channel…

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It’s not all bad news…

Krasinski has now assured fans that he will be coming back to the news desk. Even though the show will not be airing on his YouTube channel anymore, he still has a say. He announced that SGN was ‘one of those things where I was only planning on doing eight of them during quarantine because I have these other things that I’m going to be having to do very soon, like Jack Ryan and all this other stuff’. This clears up the anger fans had that the show felt cut too quickly. It seems Krasinski’s intention was to only create a handful of episodes. With this new information, it seems CBS purchasing the rights to the show is actually great to ensure SGN lives on!

On the IG Live, Krasinksi and Rainn continue to talk about the impact of the show. SGN turned into something bigger than anyone could imagine. Krasinski talks about how he would have loved to continue doing the show in his office forever, however ‘it just wasn’t sustainable’. He had the choice of whether to end the show completely or sell it. Because he wanted Some Good News to continue while he focused on other commitments, the latter was chosen. Krasinski speaks about how surprised he was that a huge news network picked it up, with hints that there are some very exciting things in the pipeline!

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We want this duo to live on forever…

So while many of us were downbeat that the show won’t continue on YouTube, it looks like there is more to look forward to. Krasinski also mentions how he will still be a big part of it, ensuring he will be hosting some episodes of the show. SGN has created a community of people, as the actor has received amazing messages from fans who adore the show. He continues to tell Wilson that it’s the most emotionally fulfilled’ he’s ever felt in his life. The show was created to lift everyone’s spirits, and it looks like that will continue even on CBS.

In other news, it was also nice to see modern-day Jim and Dwight back together again. If the pandemic has brought one good thing, it would be that we have seen these two a number of times reuniting and chatting! They even hint that SGN could feature more of Rainn Wilson in the future. We can only hope the news channel will announce The Office is coming back for more seasons!