John Krasinski’s YouTube Show Has Been Sold To CBS

A man filming a YouTube video
Credit: YouTube

We’ve all been seriously loving John Krasinski’s YouTube channel ‘Some Good News’. Each week, Krasinski would bring us a new video that would really cheer us up. Especially as the world has been a pretty depressing place lately. This week, we’ve received Some Bad News, as the series will no longer run on the channel. We’re devastated!

The wholesome web series, which began 2 months ago, had been receiving millions of hits each week. Krasinski has brought a whole host of famous faces onto the channel, including Billie Eilish and The Jonas Brothers. In particular though, fans were obsessed with the series as Krasinski featured his former colleagues from The Office. The first video included Steve Carell talking all things The Office, while Rainn Wilson also featured on the show. Krasinski even managed to pull off reuniting the whole cast together to recreate Jim and Pam’s Niagara Falls wedding dance. But it seems this was a wave goodbye to the YouTube channel…

The CBS All Access logo
Credit: CBS

SGN will now air on CBS…

Krasinski started the show to distract people from the global pandemic, offering a free series for anyone to enjoy. The actor had no intention of taking it any further, but a bidding war changed his mind. CBS now holds the rights to the show, after Krasinski was offered a ton of money to take a step down. SGN went viral in the first week alone. This persuaded broadcast networks to flood Krasinski and his team with inquiries to move the show onto TV or possibly a streaming service. As the channel was financed by the star himself (with the help of sponsorships along the way), it seemed a business move to take the responsibility off of Krasinski’s shoulders.

CBS All Access plans to air their first episode very soon. Sources are saying that they intend to ‘move to a number of the company’s linear networks’. Krasinski hasn’t washed his hands completely with the show. Although he will no longer host the series, Krasinski will still be an executive producer. There is yet to be an announcement on who the new host will be – but will SGN be the same without Krasinski and his light-hearted charm? And was the show so popular because it reminded us of the good old Office days?

The office cast dancing for a YouTube video
Credit: YouTube

Was this a good decision or not?

We’re sad to see that the YouTube Channel series lived the short life that it did. Some Good News will be very different in the future, as were gutted that the format hasn’t remained the same. For many of us, this will have been a bad week to see it end. CBS better pull it out of the bag and bring us some fantastic news!