Netflix Streaming Quality Is Finally Being Restored

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Credit: Netflix

It was announced in March that Netflix would be reducing streaming quality in tons of countries around the world, including India and Australia. Europe was mainly hit, with internet speeds also slowed down to cope with the impact of coronavirus. But normal streaming quality is gradually going back to normal, good news for people paying for a quality service.

Many users may not have noticed the impact of video quality, as Netflix made subtle changes to cope with the impact of millions watching content on the platform. People paying for a premium subscription, meaning films and series are viewed in 4K, will have seen a change in video quality. HDR is now back up and running, as broadband speeds are now improving.

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Things are finally going back to normality!

Netflix announced that they are ‘working with ISPs to help increase capacity’. The world was thrown into chaos, with everyone told to stay at home. But with that, everyone took to streaming services to kill their long-lasting boredom. This meant Netflix, along with other services, couldn’t cope with the strain of everyone viewing content at the same time. Due to this, Netflix had to decrease the quality of videos. In a recent statement, Netflix said ‘In the last month alone we have added four times the normal capacity. As conditions improve we will lift these limitations’.

Netflix seems like one of the only companies that are flourishing, while other businesses are struggling in this climate. Not only have they announced that quality should be restored, but they have ensured that content will continue to release. The streaming service stated that it will be business as usual, as the content is pre-filmed at least a year before it’s released on the platform.

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Credit: Netflix

Netflix is reflecting what’s happening around the world…

With restrictions easing in many countries, with some schools and workplaces reopening for business, Netflix has now been eased and can, therefore, bring back the video quality that once was enjoyed. Did you notice a difference in video quality?

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