New Netflix Seasons Dropping In June

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Credit: Netflix

June looks set to be a very good month, as Netflix is releasing plenty of new series to keep us entertained. This does come with some sad news though, as many seasons that are coming to the streaming service will be the show’s last. Check out what’s heading to the platform – mark them in your diaries!

Sinner – Season 3

When Sinner dropped on Netflix a few years ago, users couldn’t believe how amazing the show was. And thankfully, more seasons came after, with the third season dropping 19th June. Bill Pullman is back again playing detective Harry Ambrose, this time with Matt Bomer as the main focus of the season. Bomer plays Jamie Burns, as he survives a car crash where the driver dies but he survives. Season 3 looks to be just as mind-bending as the previous two. We can’t wait!

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Credit: Netflix

The Politician – Season 2

It looks like Ryan Murphy can’t catch a break, as his schedule won’t be calming down anytime soon! Hollywood has recently dropped on the streaming service, receiving mixed reviews, but The Politician was loved by all, meaning a second season is coming next month! The show follow Payton Hobart (played by Ben Platt), a college student in the race to become a New York State Senate. The second season hasn’t been released and already Murphy is in talks for a third season. Check it out on the 19th of June!

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13 Reasons Why – Season 4

Fans of the show are devastated that this will be the last season of 13 Reason Why. The final season will be coming to Netflix on the 5th, with what looks to be quite a few surprises on the way. The dark teen drama will see the aftermath of what happened to Monty, with secrets unraveling and Clay left to pick up the pieces again. Viewers have been confused to see Bryce appear in the trailer as he died in the previous season, but this may be the same situation that happened with Hannah in the first seasons. The emotional rollercoaster will be coming to an end, as the characters will graduate. But will Clay and the gang ever get a happy ending? We don’t have long to wait to find out…

Queer Eye – Season 5

Not only is 13 Reasons Why dropping on the 5th, but so is Queer Eye, already in its fifth season! Queer Eye has been a huge hit for Netflix, rebooting the franchise a decade after it left the air. And what an amazing decision it was from them! Queer Eye follows the Fab Five, all with different skills and advice ready to give to people in need. IN their announcement they also revealed this is their longest season yet! Exciting things to come!

Fuller House – Season 5b

The last few episodes to come to Netflix will be the last (insert sad face here). Full House first aired way back in 1987, a huge achievement for the show and cast as its revival was praised by fans across the world. The Farewell Season looks to close the chapter on the whole show, with some familiar faces making an appearance along the way. Sadly, it doesn’t look like the Olsen twins will be back for one last goodbye. If you want to catch the last remaining episodes, Netflix is releasing them on June 2nd.

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