New World Is Set To Have Huge PVP Wars

Players in New World battling each other in PVP
Credit: Amazon Games, New World

Development of New World hasn’t come to a stop yet, as a new blog post, detailing the upcoming game’s PVP feature. The blog post tells us how PVP will work in the 17th Century-themed MMO and it looks like it’s going to be epic! You can also watch the Dev Diary released to get information on the battles below! More info will be listed below.

Amazon Games’ Irvine, California studio posted a blog post recently letting us in on how PVP is going to work in New World. In the world, players will claim their own corner of the cursed island of Aeternum. The players – in form of Companies – will have to defend their land from NPC monsters as they try to claim the land for their own. Other player Companies will also have the opportunity to take that land from you and what will ensue will be a massive PVP battle.

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Companies are explained like guilds and will have a Governor, a leader of the company who will decide where to attack. It’s up a Governor to decide on who the Company will go to war with and with up to 50 players per side fighting in the battles it could set up some epic moments.

The invasions are set up to be big events for the Company. With players signing up a day before the invasion to participate. The governor can select up to 10 heroes to accompany them in the upcoming battle. The remaining 40 slots will consist of the randomly selected players who signed up at the Settlement’s Town Board.

As well as the invasion itself, a Preparation Phase will happen before the battle. When the invasion starts the player who are selected will be transported to the fort with their other teammates to prepare. You will start off with 50 Battle Tokens, you can spend these at the Armory to better prepare yourself for the upcoming battle. Powerful ammunition and potions, incendiary mines, explosive powder kegs, and turret ammunition can be bought with these token. Or you can save them for later on in the battle.

You can also earn Battle Token by doing carious action during the battle, like killing your enemy, repairing damaged walls and gate or healing your allies.

Once the preparation time is up, it’s time to fight. And this starts with the first of eight waves, as enemies start to emerge from Corrupted Portals around the Fort.

These creature come in all shapes and sizes. Some more powerful than others and you will have to adapt your fight style, depending on each enemy that emerges. We are given a long list of some of the enemies in the blog post and are listed as such:

  • Grunts pose little threat but when they swarm, they can quickly take down any target. They focus on destroying structures. If they can’t reach one of them, they begin to attack players. After a period of time, they start to frenzy, creating fast, intense, and increased damage while also burning themselves out. We recommended destroying Grunts as quickly possible.
  • Raiders are the shock troops of the invading forces. They are skilled, tough and well-equipped. They are more than capable of handling themselves in melee combat. They focus on attacking players but will attack structures if there are no players in range.
  • Snipers hang back and take pot shots of players from afar. The prioritize targets on the ramparts and are effective at suppressing turrets. They are also evasive, dodging and ducking to avoid player attacks.
  • Bombers are runners with explosives strapped to their back. They run at structures and then blow themselves up, dealing significant damage. It is highly recommended to take them down using ranged weapons because they explode on death.
  • Brutes are huge, hulking beasts that smash structures. They will occasionally attack players that annoy them but are otherwise focused on destroying defenses. Brutes are very tough and require multiple players in order to defeat.
  • Bosses can vary. Some are focused on destroying structures while others focus on attacking players. In addition, some of them apply buffs to other invading forces or debuffs to players.
A hulking creature from the game New World
Credit: Amazon Games, New World

We are also given a description of some of the traps and defense structure you can use in the invasion to try and defend your Fort. Note that only the Company that owns the territory can build defense structures before the Invasions commence.

  • Turrets, such as Ballista, Repeater, and Explosives provide a means to attack enemies from a safe distance and prevent them from reaching the gates.
  • Droppers are highly effective against infantry but ineffective against anything at range.The Fire Dropper pours molten liquid on enemies below, making it great for defending the gates.
  • Support structures can be used to buff players or debuff enemies, such as the Horn of Resilience that provides a defensive buff to all nearby teammates. While the buff is active, your teammates take reduced damage and heal over time. Do not underestimate the Horn as it can turn the tide of battle if used at the right time!
  • Traps are deployable defenses that can be placed in the battlefield. Players can obtain them from the Armory and use them like any other deployable.
A turret placement on a Fort in New World
Credit: Amazon Games, New World

If you are successful in defending the Fort Claim in the time limit, you will win the battle. Whether you win or lose in the Invasion, players will be rewarded with XP, in-game currency and loot. If you are to lose the Invasion players will be released back in the land of Aeternum and your territory will be downgraded .