Robert Downey Jr. To Produce Netflix’s Sweet Tooth

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Credit: Netflix

It seems Iron Man has deceived his universe. No longer is Robert Downey Jr. loyal to the Marvel world, as he is now stepping into the world of DC Comic’s, producing an adaption of Sweet Tooth for Netflix. After a successful test pilot, the drama has now been picked up by Netflix, working with Downey and his wife Susan to executively produce the drama. Very exciting!

Sweet Tooth will be a fantasy drama, following Gus, a half boy, and deer hybrid. He leaves home and joins other hybrids to find answers about not only himself but the world around him. Sweet Tooth will reportedly be made up of 8 episodes, with a whole heap of familiar faces. James Brolin will voice the narrator, with other stars including Will Forte, Christian Convery, and Nonso Anozie.

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Credit: Fortune

The streaming service has described Sweet Tooth as a ‘family-friendly, storybook adventure’. Exciting news for many, as adaptions of the DC comic, haven’t always been suitable for young children. Especially as it is usually confused with the “sweet tooth” game! Jeff Lemire is the man behind the popular comic, and is named Sweet Tooth because Gus’ character has an ‘unbridled love of candy and sweets’.

The story is based on a post-apocalyptic world, where a young person must save the outside world and figure out who they are in the meantime. Sweet Tooth has been described as dark at times, with a number of violent moments. The series will be suitable for families though as the story of Gus is a gentle one. We’re excited to see Robert Downey Jr’s. take on this character. This is just another Netflix series to look forward to!

A deer/ boy hybrid
Credit: DC Comic

There’s no date as of yet when to expect Sweet Tooth to hit Netflix. With the current pandemic, production will only be in very early stages. This seriously looks like a good one – Robert Downey Jr and a stellar cast? Count us in.