Someone Has Written Season 10 Of The Office – And It’s Amazing!

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Credit: NBC

Many of us have had plenty of time to kill whilst being stuck indoors. But this man has put us to shame! To mark the seventh year of The Office’s last ever episode, someone has created a 24-episode, 900-page screenplay of The Office season 10 – and it is epic! This is true dedication, and if you’re a fan of the mockumentary, then this is seriously worth the read!

Nick Janicki, the genius behind the creation, has written a whole season worth of content, based in the present day. The world and technology have rapidly changed since the series ended, meaning Michael Scott and the gang would have to deal with things much differently. Janicki has transported us, as we can now imagine what The Office would be like in 2020. Reading it will seriously be worth your time!

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Credit: Nick Janicki

Each episode is sensational!

Janicki seems to have really hit the nail on the head, with perfect cold opens and hilarious episodes that would just work! We’re really hoping that NBC picks them up. Can you imagine The Office coming back?! The first episode starts with Dwight making reference to John Krasinki’s A Quiet Place, which is pure genius. Dwight says ‘Yes, I saw A Quiet Place. My first thought? Where was the preparation?’. He even refers to Jim and Pam, mentioning that they used to play the silent game but they would be dead in a day anyway! Janicki manages to write in the same tone of voice as the original series. Please, Season 10 needs to happen!

Fans will be happy to know that Janicki’s screenplay brings back our favorite regional manager. His version of Season 10 even ends with Michael officiated Erin and Pete’s wedding. As Michael practices his speech in front of Jim, Pam, and Darryl, he manages to mention divorce, birthdays and mistakenly call Pete, Andy! We can’t recommend enough reading this dedication. If you love The Office, reading this screenplay will bring you right back to the first time you watched the comedy. And seeing someones take on what would happen in the current day is just amazing!

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Credit: NBC

Petition to get Janicki’s work seen by NBC Executives!

So if you are in need of cheering up, Janicki’s screenplay will more than likely do the trick. His fan fiction is extremely accurate, as he seems to capture each character perfectly. But we warn you – reading each episode will increase your obsession with The Office further. As you read each one, it just makes you want the cast to get back together to film another season. We applaud you, Nick Janicki!

The closest we have had to a reunion so far is John Krasinski’s Some Good News YouTube channel, where the cast recreated the Niagara wedding dance! Check it out!