The Office Episodes Are Now Playing Out Over Slack

A man working at his desk
Credit: NBC

We really just can’t get enough of The Office. It may have ended 7 years ago, but millions of fans are still obsessed with the mockumentary. But how can it be revived? Well, all 201 episodes are now being recreated on Slack. Viewers can join a live stream of channels dedicated to the show. Each channel is a different department, including warehouse, and accounting. This is seriously cool, and it makes us feel even closer to the show!

Many of us may still adore the show, but one thing that many people put into question is how it would be in 2020, as technology has dramatically changed since The Office aired. This gives us a modern-day feel, as Slack users can join channels that are playing out a certain episode. This is something true office fans are going to LOVE!

A gif of slack jokes being made
Credit: Slack

The Office will never die!

The Slack stream is an amazing way to reenact The Office with modern-day culture. It has been described as a ‘live-experience’ for not only fans to enjoy but anyone dealing with the normal 9-5 while currently living through a pandemic. There are tons of jokes that fans will love to spot, with an up to date twist on the show. Take for example the imagery above. One of the most high-rated episodes The Injury has been recreated, where Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman grill. Watching the events unfold digitally is so good!

This has come at the perfect time, as The Office executive producers recently announced that they are creating a comedy show. It will be similar to The Office but based around working from home during this difficult time. So many of us are currently struggling with endless zoom calls and waking up at a reasonable time. This is something that Ben Silverman and Paul Lieberstein believe will make a brilliant sitcom. They might even get some inspiration from the Slack stream!

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Credit: NBC

Go and check it out!

If you’re interested in watching The Office episodes take place on Slack, then head over to their stream to check it out! It’s saved us from our quarantine boredom, and it’s so interesting to see how jokes work digitally!