The Office Talking Head Detail You May Have Missed

A man talking in front of a window
Credit: NBC

The Office Ladies podcast has provided us with some very interesting facts, things we didn’t even know we needed to know. And this one has really surprised us! Talking heads make up some very special and hilarious moments in the mockumentary. But what we didn’t know is that it is not done at random. There is, in fact, a reason certain characters can be seen in different parts of The Office…

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey talk about interesting facts fans may not know regarding each individual episode. The ladies recently spoke about how much attention was actually put into little details of the show and we are shocked. Die-hard fans of the sitcom may notice that different character talks to the camera in different parts of the office. But what is surprising Jim Halpert is the only member to film in front of the window with an outdoor view. And there is a very interesting reason for it…

Jim is the only character with a future?

After speaking to the creator of The Office US Greg Daniels, Fischer confirms that it represents the freedom that Jim wants to feel, as he dreams of leaving Dunder Mifflin in the future. The intention behind having only Jim film with the window behind him was to indicate some sort of ‘internal optimism’. Jenna Fischer explains that ‘the idea was that any character that had a future outside of Dunder Mifflin’ would film there. On the flip side, characters who potentially felt trapped or didn’t want to leave the paper company would instead film their talking heads facing into the office. No way!

In earlier seasons, you will spot that the decisions were deliberate to always have Jim, played by John Krasinski, with the outside background behind him. The only exception to this is, of course, Michael Scott. His talking head is filmed at his desk with the outside on view. But this is because it’s filmed in his office rather than indicating another deeper meaning. This is also represented by earlier seasons showing characters such as Pam filming with the bullpen behind her. Fischer mentions that this relates to her relationship with Roy. In the later season when Pam and Jim start a relationship, she mentions how she starts to sit at the window, illustrating a ‘possible future for Pam outside of the office’.

a man talking while in an office
Credit: NBC

Can’t believe we never noticed it!

So there you have it. The Office is full of easter eggs, with tiny details still being discovered 7 years after the last episode aired. We love how the podcast is revealing details we would have never known, including the cast. Kinsey even speaks on the podcast of how she never noticed it. After carefully looking back the only time Angela appears in front of the window is to talk about being pregnant. We’re going to rewatch it so see now!

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